Coolest thing ever of the moment! Got this as a birthday present and I simply adore it. It’s super useful. And the best thing is, for Muslimahs with tudung who loves sports (like moi), it’s a great alternative to ur usual serkup! As it absorbs sweat, is very practical and of course, looks darn good on you (who cares if people dun get to see it heh).


My favourite way to wear it is the Balaclava. So cooool.


Minus the fringe, us muslimahs can wear it as a headgear when doing sports or any outdoor activities as it conveniently covers ur hair and neck.  

At the moment I don’t know where to get it and how much it costs, coz the present giver won’t tell me where its from (!) but in the meantime (while I dig some secrets lol), you can go to www.buff.com.au to find out more. =)


5 responses to “Buff

  1. Huda Lee

    Thanks for posting this! Yup, its super cool. If only she revealed it to us so we could get one too.

  2. Huda Lee

    Hey hey…I found a list of shops that sell the buffs in singapore. Apparently, its quite popular here la. Its available in many outdoor kinda shops especially in vivocity. Maybe we can go there together and get one.

  3. simplymardy

    oh let’s go then! did they happen to state the prices too? we can also go n register for ur sundown as well. *mard the gung-ho opportunist* hee =D

  4. mdhilwan


    “we can also go n register for ur sundown as well”


    Owh! ANd they even come in Baby size! So cute seh….

  5. simplymardy

    haha but of course. all the more for babies since they can’t do much with their hair (or lack thereof). XD

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