The first challenge

What do you do when you have promised to attend a dinner…and they chose Fish & Co which is non-halal-and-no-meat place..and you’re the only Muslim among them and they obviously dun think it’s not okay coz u know, it’s fish.. but the batter might contain even the slightest amount of alcohol (but ure not certain about it, but then again there’s a reason why it’s still not halal right)..?

1. Don’t go – but promise already seh. A good Muslim doesn’t break his promises just like that.

2. Choose food that doesn’t contain any alcohol (must ask the staff/chef) – NOT the best idea..coz still was-was.

3. Explain to them the reason why and ask them to choose another place – the right choice which is also the most challenging to do – especially if they have booked the place in advance. and after u have (insyaAllah successfully) convinced them to change place because of one person – moi – then u die-die must go coz they did it for youuuuu! duh. imagine if something cropped up last min and u can’t go.. damn guilty right..

Muharram came with blessings.. and also challenges! Proof that He’s never gonna let you off without testing you.

Hmm a good Muslim is also a good ambassador of Islam right?


Re-visited a few mins later (coz I simply can’t get this issue out of my mind):

So still feeling very was-was, I googled to find out more.

This came up in one of the google blogsearch.

Just to share, I personally met the founder/owner of Fish and Co at an entrepreneurship seminar back in Uni, and he assured that strictly follows halal requirements except for the fact that his outlets sell liquor. He shared the Muslim market is important to him so his alternative strategy is to employ Muslim employees who can do the word-of-mouth validation for him to customers. And its true, there’s always more than a handful of them around.

But like I said, info is only to the best of my (limited) knowledge, so you may want to get reassurance from the staff if you do decide to dine at these places. Strictly seafood outlets like Fish n Co are necessarily foolproof all the time; I remember getting the shock of my life after 2 days of happily eating great fish n chips in San Francisco, turns out most outlets use beer-battered fish!

Im so relieved.

Revisited again after actual dinner on saturday night.

Post-dinner note: Dinner was great, photos on facebook, they went for KTV after that while I left, along with some others. Looking forward to them new classmates. =)

Random note: Hoooooray meeting syah & dy at school on tuesday! =D


2 responses to “The first challenge

  1. heyhaidar

    i like this entry! =)

  2. simplymardy

    ok updated! hehe =)

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