Blessings of Muharram..

..I can feel it already. don’t you? :)

My first day of the new Islamic year was spent in orientation. (yaaaa what? orientation? again? yawn…) The orientation was optional but considering my large class size and the scary thought of strolling in on my first day of school totally blur and clueless and not knowing anyone at all, plus the many projects i would be having, i signed up.

group LOVE, we actually won 1st out of 18 grps! so semangat right? haha =P

group LOVE, we actually won 1st out of 18 grps! so semangat right? haha =P

Overall the one whole day affair of games and talentime was fun and i didn’t regret going. also made new friends alhamdulillah. :) I was the only tudung girl in my orientation group (and the rest of the batch apparently). there weren’t many malays either – i think the percentage of malays is around 2%. and i have classmates from Myanmar, Brunei and Indonesia.

Anyway last week i was asked to do a survey about being a Muslimah in singapore and one of the questions was “do you feel u are treated differently?” (or something like that) i assume that question meant differently as in a bad experience kind of way and i answered yes, but only once or twice.

this led me thinking about it… but i also have been treated differently in a good experience kind of way.

like 2 days ago my OGL was very considerate and they spared me the activities that would involve my tudung to be stained. u know la orientation – people make other people do stupid things like finding mentos in a huge mangkuk full of flour and rolling yourself on a groundsheet full of soap blindfolded. i was, thankfully, spared the agony of rolling getting powdered soap + water all over me yucks. dalam hati ku i went like, “saaaaaaap! selamaaaaat…what a blessing”

i’m not about special treatments but it was a sign of respect and i really appreciated it. :D

another one was i went to my chinese friend Candice’s birthday bbq. Candice and me have a gone a loooong way – we went to the same primary & secondary school and even went to the same poly! but different course, and she’s now in NTU. i was actually quite worried about the food (98% of her relatives and friends were chinese) and was thinking of how to ask her if the food is halal in the nicest way possible when her uncle approached me (coz again, i was the only tudung girl there) and said, “u dun worry okay.. the buffet food we cater is all halal, except for the satay, which is pork, the rest all u can eat.”

“saaaaaaap! selamaaaaat…what a blessing”

so sweet and considerate right? to cater halal food for the 2% of the people who came.

anyway alhamdulillah in singapore, i think people are not significantly treated differently, so we’re very fortunate to be living in this red dot island, no matter how small it is. coz hey, good things come in small packages right? ;) 

Meanwhile Happy 2009 and Selamat 1430H everyone. May the new year continue to bring us peace, love and strength insyaAllah. InsyaAllah 2009 and 1430H will be a good year… Ameen. =)


2 responses to “Blessings of Muharram..

  1. azmikarim

    All the best Sis, and have a wonderful year ahead !

  2. simplymardy

    thanks bro! yeah u have a wonderful year ahead too yup :)

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