There’s nothing like family

I’ve sort of girlified my wordpress theme (altho it’s still very minimalistic i like it uncluttered) and it’s snowing in here! Thank wordpress for having this extra feature thing this december.. Since i’m like snow deprived and all. 

Anyways Melaka trip was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. :D





This time everyone managed to squeeze time to join so we had 3 generations of kecohness! So syooooook!

I enjoyed every minute of it and dreaded the time to come back home. We went on the Menara Taming Sari, celebrated past and present birthdays, watched Twilight, shopped and walked at the new gigantic Dataran Pahlawan malls (it’s so huge you can really burn some calories just walking thru), explored the jetty and truly enjoyed each other’s company, all funness & irritatingness of it all. =D


3 responses to “There’s nothing like family

  1. Jamie

    wah!! that looked really fun. so happy that ur able to unwind overseas. wonder when i can go for hols. anyway, an all-girls round-the-world holiday trip sounds awesome!! Haha, imagination runs wild..

  2. atifah

    i didnt know melaka can be that enjoyable and fun! ive been to melaka a few times and its soo boring. *yaaawwwwn*

    maybe cos i didnt explore other parts of melaka. heh.

  3. simplymardy

    @jamie: firstly we have to decide on where to go… and every one of us has diff places in mind lol.. insyaAllah one day =)

    @atifah: ya lor.. tak explore mane tau.. we were like squeezing time to do everything in 2 days! u might like the VINCCI shoe store, soooo tempting the shoes.

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