1) i need a new getaway.

2) taking shots. took a shot.

3) be truthful to thyself.

4) digging optimism.

5) the day after tomorrow will mark 2 years of life’s hugely unexpected twist.


4 responses to “Breathe.

  1. boo

    aren’t you always optimistic dear? =)

  2. simplymardy

    well yea.. heh, but this yr it kinda went up and down =( so im bringing optimism back! *step jt’s sexy back haha*

  3. Jamie

    With reference to point 5, I have to say that I’m proud to have a friend who stands firm against the unexpected twist. I was reading through and did a check-back on my previous entry on my old friendster blog. Only then, do I realise the date. And the incident. This post here is kinda lambat setapak but at least, you know that I’m here. 2 years ~ time flies. It was as if we graduated just yesterday. And the best thing is we girls are still connected!! Stay strong although sometimes we do fall. Love u Mar!!

  4. simplymardy

    aww thanks jam :) what doesn’t kill u will only make u stronger right? and who better to know that than u. u urself is one strong lady babe. stick thru highs and lows together yo :)

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