20 things I did when I was 20.

1. Changed blog from Blogger to WordPress.

2. Hike from Macritchie to… Macritchie. Original plan was to hike from Macrtichie to Bukit Timah but we kinda got lost along the way.


3. Had my first Accounts job.

4. Picked up (back) Arabic language.

5. Ate at Arnolds’ Pasir Ris with the girls. I love the ambience of that place.


6. Took the Certificate in Islamic Banking & Finance (CIBF).

7. Took part in Pumpfest 2008 at Kallang Leisure Park.


8. Climbed up Mt. Stong!


9. Attended Trainers’ Workshop where I met Kak Haida of Polka Dot Pleasures.

10. Help out in Ramadhan Rocks 08 in the F&B team where we then asked Polka Dot Pleasures to sponsor and Kak Haida gladly did =)


11. Read Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both heartwrenching and emotional.

12. Got caught in the Ayat-Ayat Cinta frenzy. Read the novel and watched the dvd.


13. Finally passed my Basic Theory Test (after 3 attempts).

14. Sew my guitar dress.


15. Sew my peach lace jubah/kebaya.

(also known as mard tengah syok sendiri)

16. Run from Pasir Ris to Changi.


17. Watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I love fantasy movies. The only kind of movies I would watch in cinemas are the fantasy and action-packed ones.


18. Watched Twilight. And read the rest of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.


19. Went to Climb on! 2008 at Pasir Ris Park.


20. Went up the Menara Taming Sari at Melaka.


So I’ve finally turned 21 today =)


10 responses to “20 things I did when I was 20.

  1. Happy 21st darling!! May you have a most blessed year ahead! May Allah make your journey easy for you, may He take away your troubles and replace them with the most peaceful of peace in your heart. (Does that even sound right?) Anyway, takpe. Have a blessed 21st babe! :) You’re in my prayers insyaAllah.

  2. @isyah

    HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY dearest!

    Love you much2…

  3. mdhilwan

    Fuyo! 21 seh!!! :D Happy Bdae!!

  4. qushashi

    Alhamdulillah! What a ride! Reading it, is already so breathtaking! : ) ( :

  5. simplymardy

    @ alfaqeer: thanks sooo much for your doa sis. reaaaaaly appreciate it, esp the peace part. yah really in need of that at the moment. *hugs* :)

    @ syah: thanks syah! muah! love u much2 <3

    @ hilwan: haha. macam finally like that. thanks!

    @ qushahi: awww breathtaking ey? rollercoaster! ^_^

  6. Jamie

    20 things eh? i dun even noe whether i can backtrack 10 major things in my 20th year. 21st, jgn ckp – belambak! heh! aniwae a great post to look back on. oh, n i really was fascinated with one of ur pics – pat mt. stong. where is dat?

  7. simplymardy

    hey jam! mt. stong is at Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia our neighbour! ^_^

  8. atifah

    oh honey, i know its like a week later. but happy belated! i hope you had a wonderful time on your birthday!

  9. ruqayyah

    happy belated birthday =) (dah rasa tua tk? :p haha)
    btw yg jadik hero twiling tu cedric diggory kan ^^

  10. simplymardy

    @atifah: yeap i did. aww no prob, it’s the thought that counts right? thanks babe :)

    @ruqayyah: haha takkkkkk. “tua” is just a state of mind =P yuppo! that cutie pie playing a gorgeous character… again. robert pattinson ^_^

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