D-I-Y: Funky Mini Pillow

Mini pillows have so many different uses, especially for travelling – it’s so convenient to slip it into ur bag and use it for a short nap. A friend gave me a really cute mini pillow once and I, unfortunately, accidentally left it at Genting! While on holiday. Aiyoyo. 

For this D-I-Y, u may need to do a bit of simple sewing.

Anyway here are the things you need:

1. Fluff. Or really, pillow filling.   


2. Fabric of ur choice measuring 8 by 8 inches.


Step 1: Edge the sides of the fabric so you have a smooth side all over.


Step 2: Flip it over, fold it and sew the 2 sides, leaving the top side open (to put in the fluff).


Step 3: Flip it back to the surface and iron the sewed piece to smooothen the edges.


Step 4: Put in the fluff according to how fluffy u want ur pillow to be.



Step 5: Sew the open side of the pillow.


And you’re done! :D



5 responses to “D-I-Y: Funky Mini Pillow

  1. M H M

    Woooaah~ Guitar pillow! I actually slept with my guitar several times before(not advisable, seriously) ahahaha.. Really cute pillow there… I mean Rock pillow! \m/

  2. simplymardy

    haha tangkap lentok dengan guitar skali ke? heh thanks! :)

  3. Mar.. ur so DIY! kayy, next time u ajar me eh? coz i nak buat 1 pillow 1 letter and display in my room. Heh! But i tak pandai jahit using the machine la. sob2. oh, n i had a great time with u and the girls yst. much love! XOXO

  4. simplymardy

    waaah! idea yang sangat baik! haha terjangkit dari smalam nye “game” lol =P yup me too! more please? :D

  5. boo

    heh… love these kinda tutorials. :) should do more! ;)

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