Today I ran the whole of Bedok Reservoir Park which is around 4.5 km with my odab (outdoor adventure buddy) hawanis. This is my 2nd time running that round since sec 1 (wahlau donkey years ago that one). That time there was an orientation or something.

If I didn’t have my odab, jangan harap nak habis satu round! Half-round pun malas! Hua hua hua!

I’m not as motivated as some people when I run alone. I tend to stick to short routes because when I get tired I stop running and walk (and continue to walk the remaining journey).

Personally I think sports, any kind of sports is best done when u have buddies! Plus, when u joke and laugh with ur running partner(s), then u won’t feel the long distance so much. Just that u might have to bear the sakit-perut-ketawa-banyak-sangat-coz-sometimes-u-just-can’t-help-it-coz-it’s-so-kelakar-nak-mampus-and-ohmygod-how-long-more-to-go???

Then, the park was just a regular reservoir with a running track surrounding it. Now the park has been transformed into this:


A recreational reservoir park. There’s PA Water-Venture, Forest Adventure, and also that newly built platform where u can just sit there and enjoy the cooling morning/evening breeze. You can even bring ur own picinc basket and have breakfast there.

After that went to Expo to collect hawanis’s StanChart Run race pack. There was also a Sports & Fitness Expo going on and they promoted the upcoming events and activities.

One of it was the Adidas Sundown Marathon happening on 30.05.09.

“There’s a kind of magic that takes place when you run at night.

You See: Lights in the Dark. You Hear: Your footsteps, your heartbeat. You Smell: The scent of the fresh night breeze. You Touch: The coolness of the air. You Taste: The nearing victory of completing your run.

In 2005, Adrian Mok, an endurance athlete, ran an Ultramarathon of 168km. “When my running mates realized I was doing the ultra, they lent their support to help me complete the race. In groups, they ran different legs with me and when we ran together at night, it was incredible.” Adrian completed the race in a little more than 24 hours.

“It is just different running at night. It’s quieter and you are able to clear your mind to focus on your run. I want to bring this experience to all runners. The experience of running at night. We train at night, why don’t we race at night?” “

The marathon consists of the full marathon of 42km and the ultra marathon of 84km.

So since I mentioned about wanting to take part in a marathon in 2009, I signed up!

But no, not the full marathon or the ultra marathon of course! Crazy, 4.5 km dah struggling, ape lagi 10 times of that.

This year there is a new category – the Women’s 10k. Thaaaat’s the one I signed up for. Plus my odab is joining too so at least I have a friend during the race.

SO I JUST SIGNED UP FOR MY FIRST 10k MARATHON. *still can’t believe I did it*

Yey. Baby steps.

P.S: Need more ODABs! Women, what are u waiting for? There’s always a first time for everything. And we can train together! :D


2 responses to “I.JUST.DID.

  1. atifah

    agreed on the buddy part. i should really go there one of these days. it looks pretty.

  2. simplymardy

    yeah u should. ask ly to bring u ^_^ then i can tag along haha

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