D-I-Y: Brooch it!

Besides pinning it on the tudung, brooches can be used for many different things like spicing up a plain-colored bag. Make your own brooch. It’s really simple.

*Difficulty Level: Easy

1. Things you need:


Glue gun, pin, item of your choice u wish to make into a brooch.

Compared to the usual superglue, a glue gun needs to be plugged into an electric socket. It contains transparent kind of glue in wax form (see inside glue gun) which will melt when plugged, just press the orange button and glue away. A note of caution tho: the glue strip is hot when it’s in liquid form so u gotta be careful of your hands when handling it.

2. Choose the size of the pin according to your brooch item. Pins come in many different sizes.


3. Place the pin on the back of the brooch – for this red sparling heart, the back is made of felt so it’s soft and squishy- and glue your pin to the surface.


4. And you’re done!


Small, medium and large brooches..


Have fun brooch-ing! :D

Post-dated note: “D-I-Y”, or Do-It-Yourself will be a new addition to this blog, showcasing simple crafty projects you can do yourself. Sharing is caring! ^_^


8 responses to “D-I-Y: Brooch it!

  1. heyhaidar

    Mardhiah! Your instructions is so cute lah! And pretty nice and cute brooches there! =)

  2. simplymardy

    haha must be the “squishy” word that makes it cute right? thanks babe :)

  3. heyys.
    nice2 :D
    where d’you buy the brooch item?

  4. atifah

    lovely! tapikan mardh, is the glue strong enough? ive never liked brooch with the pins glued on it cos nanti mesti tertanggal. i`ll try to glue and jahit it at the same time. heh. kiasu eh?

  5. simplymardy

    @hidayah: kat Textile Centre, near Lavender MRT.. the shop is called “Sungai Industrial”or something like that.

    @tifa: depends on the brooch nye material.. haha if the brooch made of fabric can jahit, but kan some mmg do that tau, jahit the brooch… so it sticks

  6. ruqayyah

    lawa… *admires*

  7. Alalala Mardy dear, you are so cute! Looking forward to more DIY stuff. (Exam nak dekat habis la kata orang… Hehe.)

  8. simplymardy

    @ruqayyah: *admires* only-God-knows-who-is-the one who created the sparkle-sparkle heart. nice kan?

    @alfaqeer: wah wah wah exam nak dekat abis ye kak? jia yo jia yo!

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