For the first time in my life,

I saw someone having fits in the mrt today otw to tamp, and I was too shocked to do anything even tho I was standing beside the emergency button. I swear that moment my mind went blank as I stared at that middle-aged chi guy and saw some people calming him down. I didn’t know what to do. And so did most of the people in the train. Lucky there was this one lady standing in front of me who still got some sense left in her head to press the emergency button and infomed the mrt staff about it (unlike the rest of us traumatised onlookers). Then the train stopped at the nearest available station and the staff and some people helped take him away.

I hope he’s okay by now.


7 responses to “For the first time in my life,

  1. Huda Lee

    Masha’allah sis, I had that experience too in the mrt! The girl beside me fainted and she just drop her weight on my shoulder. I thought she was asleep and realised that she was knocked out. Had to lie her flat on the floor and everyone just looked.

    I guess everyone was stunned like you. Haha…

    Anyways, ppl with fits should be given space and someone should support his head. No one should restrict him from his movement to prevent breaking of bones. And no one should put something in his mouth to prevent choking.

    Hehe…insya’allah if this happens again, hope you will know what to do this time.

  2. simplymardy

    “she just drop her weight on my shoulder”

    omg huda.. i think she got the right person to faint on.. since ure nurse-trained.. hee.
    oh ya some people helped him on that after his fits weren’t so severe. err yeah hopefully.. thanks for the tip but no I do not wish to witness another one anytime soon, or err, ever :S

  3. haidar

    babe, the next you should give the person a bunch of keys and hold their hand with the keys in it. that ‘s a form of remedy for them. usually it’s unneccessary to get the ambulance or anything as a fits attack doesn’t last long and after holding the keys and resting for awhile, the person who has fits will be back to normal. =)

  4. remykm

    my student got fits while in the classroom… i was also shocked. he fell to the floor, shaking vigorously, blood came out from his mouth (due to him biting his own tongue).

    i called up Muhaymin to ask hime what i shld do at that point of time. i was told to put him aside… imaging trying to move someone who was already on the floor, shaking? in the end i waited for the seizures to stop and then moved him with another teacher.

    it is interesting how god creates us

  5. qushashi

    oh hey. uhm, i was in sjab, and i remembered that if one tengah in fits ..we put a metal spoon into his mouth (jangan harap pakai plastic spoon ..huahuahua ..okok *kicks self* tak kelakar sey) atau kalau takde spoon (who brings metal spoon in their sch/ handbag anyway?) ..use a bunch of keys, so that the person doesnt bite its own tongue. yang dilarang, adalah untuk meletak tangan anda sendiri di dalam mulut orang tersebut demi nak selamatkan lidah dia tuh. i remember this ‘nasihat’ cos i thot it was pretty interesting. hehe ..betui ker? :/

  6. qushashi

    oh i remember.. the purpose of placing tt metal spoon/ bunch of keys is so that the tongue tak roll in, dan tak kan block the passageway untuk pernfasan ..hmm?

  7. simplymardy

    @everyone: oh wow next time (IF IT EVER HAPPENS AGAIN, which i hope not) i sure will know what to do what with everyone’s sharings.

    he was sitting and suddenly it started. i wasn’t standing directly in front of him tho, it was only after the kecoh-ness then i realised what had happened.

    actually i was on my way to masjid Ghufran to meet my friend, and being at the mosque calmed me down, me and my nerves..

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