Sweet Sunday


(Photos by Haidar Afandi.)
Sunday was spent catching up and climbing with the NYP ADC-ians. We started bouldering around 11am and by 4pm didn’t have any more energy to continue, plus it rained and some routes had to be closed. Apart from that, had a great time attempting the various routes altho still not even close to the 1000+ level routes but on the bright side had a chance to see khairulhafiz close-up. HAHA. mentel.
Then Haidar drove us all kebuluh people to Cavana for chicken rice and after that I went to Abg Hafiz & Kak Fauziah’s (hakim’s bro & sis-in-law) open house – and whaddayaknow, their menu for the day was what else, chicken rice! From kebuluh to famished to overeat LOL! Alhamdulillah. (:
i love babies and their wonderful baby smells (umm, except when they poop)

hifni. i love babies and their wonderful baby smells (except when they poop lol)

And I realised I missed all the superb people I met that day, very very much. :D


5 responses to “Sweet Sunday

  1. seekinghuda

    Wah wah wah…so exciting!

  2. mdhilwan

    Wa! Steady ar Mard!

    I was about to drop by Climb Asia today when I was looking for the address online, and found out that its closed till 4th Nov because of Climb Asia! Aiya…

  3. simplymardy

    oh u mean because of Climb On.. coz the tiles r from CA so even if u go u got nothing to climb on. but lucky u check website first. next time can go ramai2 or sth.. ^_^

  4. mdhilwan

    ops ya Climb On not Climb Asia haha

  5. M H M

    Hifni!!!!! eeeeee tembam nye.. *cubit cubit cubit*

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