Colourful Love Night. (Haha ok that doesn’t sound as right.)

Went to Malam Warna Kasih with mum and aunt and aunt’s friends. Honestly I didn’t want to go at all, i didn’t want to be Makcik-fied, and yes it was a Makcik-field out there. My mum’s tactic this time around was to book the tickets first (without asking me of course) and then convince me with, “Ibu dah book tickets, go la… “  So go lah. Mums! What will we do without them.

(And I shamefully admit I was also thinking about the food. Haha! It was held at Furama Hotel so apelagi! Taktau malu! Wahaha! =P)

But I had fun! AB Sheik is super funny lah. He’s like an all rounder super versatile stand-up comedian. Very witty and quick thinking! Always has the right (FUNNY) responses at the right times and so candi some more. And the contestants are such an entertainment to watch! Kelakar boleh pecah perut seh..

Turns out there were quite many youngsters also – there was Didicazli and Nurun Nuwarrah. The theme was era 50-an so u can imagine me being super lost and blur at my seat while the deejays and almost everyone belted out songs from the 50s… So what was I doing then? Why, enjoying the food of course! :D

Oh ya u all remember JJ from Bara? When I see Zan Sofyan now, I always always always remember him as that goofy JJ guy in Bara back then. (If you can’t remember Bara, it’s the “cool” teen malay drama shot in TP donkey years ago. If you can remember Bara, it means you’re old.) He still has that babyface tho. Cume size je yang tukar. Hehe.

Looking at the deejays perform, I admire them for being so multi-skilled. Nowadays deejays not only have to work in radio interacting with listeners, they also have to organise shows like these to interact with listeners in order to maintain the radio station, dance, sing, perform, go on cruises and so on even if eats into their personal time.

Anyway tomorrow my Arabic Class resumes (after a month or so) and I haven’t revised! Aaaaaah! :S

Dear Allah, please continue giving me the guidance You’ve been giving me. Coz sometimes I feel so lost.


5 responses to “Colourful Love Night. (Haha ok that doesn’t sound as right.)

  1. azmikarim

    Bara ? Tu cerita dah lama Does that mean i’m old already? haha.

  2. simplymardy

    heheheheh u said it! LOL. that series was when TP baru-baru bukak rite? when i was still in pri/sec sch tengok budak2 poly macam so cool gitu. skrg dah graduate pun. haha.

  3. azmikarim

    Yup. Macam inspired nak masuk poly jugak. Sekarang dah masuk dan dah nak graduate pun.

  4. mdhilwan

    All the best to all of you for your Arabic class! ^_^

  5. simplymardy

    @azmi: yeah time really zooms fast doesn’t it?

    @wan: thanks! which reminds me, i need to start revising now..

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