Happy Mid-Week

GilaMovies is located at SQUARE 2, No. 10 Sinaran Drive #04-74/75 (opposite Fork & Spoon)

Yesterday I had the chance to experience being a cashier cum salesperson at GilaMovies outlet since one of my colleagues took urgent leave and there was no last min replacement. I also think I was MSC-deprived back in Nyp I didn’t get to TEP in the outlets haha (instead mine was IM – Inventory Management receiving goods from supplier and then delivering them to the outlets) so I was actually excited to be mending the store even tho I had never done so. 
One of the best things about it is that since GM is a dvd vcd movie store, there are 2 TVs so I got to play any movies that I wanted! But must be PG rating and nothing more so keeping in mind that GM is a family friendly movie store and wanting to attract customers, I played Shrek The Third, Alvin & The Chipmunks, National Treasure 2 and Transformers.
Overall, I had fun! Talking to customers, choosing which movies to play, checking people out.. Sure beats staying in the office for the whole day that’s for sure. =D 
Anyways my mood to blog about the jalan rayas seem to have gone down the drain haha so pictures je lah. Oh, and sorry for the shite photo editing too heh. m.a.l.a.s.com :D

The 5 of US - Syah, Mar, Ain, Sha, Dy :)))

 PRSS Girlfriends Jalan Raye 08!


syaheer and hilwan's remind me of zaman milennium boybands BSB & N'Sync =P

syaheer and hilwan's pose remind me of zaman milennium boybands BSB & N'Sync =P anyway those not in picture: Remy (taking photo) and Huda & Mariam (went off early) and Ishak & his sister Sai'dah (went of jussst before this pic was taken).


 NYPMSN Rounding Satu Singapore 08


3 responses to “Happy Mid-Week

  1. mdhilwan

    BSB & N-Sync? LOL! In baju raya?? Whahah! =P

  2. member lu

    u mite wanan add isyak and his sister. they went off early just b4 we took the picture. heh =)
    anw, nypmsn jalan raye rocks!

  3. simplymardy

    @wan: abahden! same rite! the poses! kalau dah zaman tu zaman tu jugak… :D

    @azhar: oh ak ah eh macammane bleh tak spot eh due2 giants tu? hehe anyway thanks for reminding! :)

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