Peaches & Cream


Loving my peach long dress :) I also made the matching peach bandanna using the same satin material i used for the long dress. got the peach shawl at dhoby ghaut - 2 for $15. hehe sempat recommend skali eh.


10 responses to “Peaches & Cream

  1. Hilwan

    MasyaAllah sis. Have I told you before how creative you are? LOL! Very nice.. Very nice indeed :)

  2. azmikarim

    Project MARway ? Cool… :)

  3. simplymardy

    u 2 designers are 2 of the most creative people i know! so it’s a compliment to be complimented “creative” by korang. hahaa. thanks :)

  4. simplymardy

    oh correction: designers/developers. *suddenly remember one blog entry lol*

  5. Hilwan

    Yes! Im a DEVELOPER! that love maths ^_^

  6. simplymardy

    but designer sounds nicer and ppl immediately know what u do as compared to developer. alrite all the best to the rise of more Muslim designers insyaAllah! =)

  7. Hilwan

    Yea generally I’m still called a designer. “Designer” is one of the many names we are called by. Other names include “flash designer”, “digital media designer”, “interactive media designer”, “web designer”, “budak designer”, “abang macho” dan “abang sachok”.

    Well maybe not the last 3 LOL but it’s like renaming “the wheel” into “a round thingie that rolls”

    Get it? LOL

  8. azmikarim

    InsyaAllah, Amin…

  9. Huda Lee

    Wa…im speechless!

  10. simplymardy

    @hilwan: err okay lebih baik aku diam je, kalau tak kene mintak maaf banyak2 ngan kau besok. heheheh! =P

    @azmi: amin! u will always get lots of help all around with good intentions insyaAllah :)

    @huda lee: *blush*

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