Impossible to find

Anyway, working life somehow doesn’t feel right now that fasting month is over. maciaaam ade je yang tak kene. macam somehow that magical feeling is gone like that. kalau korang paham, paham lah korang. hee. so i wana puasa enam. but must payback first and complete my Ramadhan fasts. bagus jugak, kalau tak lambat benar nak habiskan bayar. hee. teruk teruk..

Oh i just remembered this! Once when i was otw to terawih, when i drop at the bus stop, there was this one little girl who said, “Hello my sister!” when she saw me. She was with her family members, i don’t think i’ve ever seen her before.. Taktau ape angin die tetibe ckp cam tu.. but sungguh cute dot com!

Ok lah insyaAllah this month will be a good one. :)

La Tahzan mardh.


2 responses to “Impossible to find

  1. Huda Lee

    Yeah I get you…

    That feeling is gone. And not going to the mosque after maghrib doesn’t seem right too. Alah…everything doesn’t seem right. Haha!

    Never mind, it’ll soon pass. But let us strive and up one level. Hehe…

    See you in our next Jalan Raya and thanks for the card! =D

  2. simplymardy

    ya lah but the thing is kan, next year when it comes again u kinda take time to get used to the feeling, and then when ure so used to it, it goes away…

    yuppo insyaAllah! aww ure very much welcomed =)

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