While on my way to Bussorah St to iftar with the Nypmsn-es at Amirah’s Grill, I got mistaken for an “Adawiyah” by this girl approaching me thinking that I was her friend who is from NYP Nursing. Skali die tersalah orang daaa… And there I am trying to recall if I know any Adawiyahs in Nyp and if that girl seemed familiar, at the same time wondering if I have a common face. Heh.

But since we were taking the same train, we talked a bit. I found out that her name is Ida, or Norzahidah in full (or was it Norzayidah), she’s from Temasek Poly taking Digital Media Design. Now having her attachment at a production company. Coincidentally one of my ex-colleagues also worked there before. When I reached Bugis we said our goodbyes as she continued her journey. Perhaps we’ll cross paths again and if we ever do, in the case u ask where we knew each other from,

The answer would be: Kat Outram MRT! =P



Over at Amirah’s Grill, the western-middle east fusion food was delicious (dah lapar semua sedap LOL – give me one puasa clap! “LAPAAAAAAR!!!”) And this time around, re-newed a friend. One of the sisters Juliana happens to be my pri school part-time madrasah classmate! At first I didn’t remember her but her soft spoken-ness gave it away. That part of her sure hasn’t changed since then. =)

This thing keeps happening this Ramadhan – Serendipity.

after terawih together-gether =)

after terawih together-gether =)

At first it was Erny from RR, who is also from Nyp in SIT. We only met each other during the last meet of RR and discovered that we came from the same primary school (tho she’s 2 years my junior) and that we actually live only 2 blocks away from each other! Tapi seumur hidup tak pernah jumpe-jumpe (and we’ve been living at the same area since baby time) skali jumpe kat Saff. Tinggal kat East kenal kat West. Haha.

Small world? Hmm it isn’t really. It’s just that your social circle is getting wider. What’s important is maintaining it and making them meaningful. Alhamdulillah for these new (and renew-ed) friendships. =)

The maintaining and meaningful ones (insyaAllah), you know I love you too. :D

brothers having second round. with french fries!

brothers having second round. with french fries!

“To each is a goal to which Allah turns him. Then strive together (as in a race) towards all that is good. Wheresoever you are, Allah will bring you together. For Allah has power over all things.” – Al Baqarah, 148


9 responses to “Serendipity


    Azhar has uploaded the pics

    Finally, an Nypms N Iftar….

    hope we live long enough to see each other again

  2. simplymardy

    yeah let’s sure hope so insyaAllah :)

    thank god no garoupas this time! Lol =p

  3. Hilwan

    Whaha! I miss my garoupa!

  4. mardy

    haha it actually was YOUR $25 GAROUPA, no joke. coz u ordered it. haha! =P

  5. mdhilwan

    tapi soooodaapp!

  6. heyyyy thats one of my favourite lines from the Qur’an!! :)

  7. simplymardy

    yah me too! how apt it was that i came across that verse after iftar-ing with them – different personalities. diferent backgrounds. one goal. His love.


  8. boo

    shahrummmm??? wah.. pantas ya kamu tarik shahrum! lol!! may NYPMS grow bigger and bigger in size, inshaAllah. =)

  9. simplymardy

    kite tak “tarik” shahrummmm k, die *willingly* zooooom zooom to nypms =D
    awww thanks woooofy! insyaAllah :)

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