Ragam Ramadhan + Sofra Iftar

Just now during sahur I was the last to finish eating so my grandma said this;

Buah durian, buah nenas,

Siapa belakang, dia kemas.

Fuhleeeeerrrmak.. Cute plus kurangasam kan? Sarcastic die takleh angkat beb. Pagi-pagi pun dah start pantun-pantun, nenek super class seh! ^_^


The unexpected SOFRA iftar with girlfriends~

with hazwani & hawanis =)

kenyaaaang. alhamdulillah.

All because my chicken kebab at Sultan Cafe (the one in front of masjid Sultan) didn’t arrive even after 45 mins. I went to pray my Maghrib, came back, still not there. & Hazwani’s Roti John Cheese was cheeseless. Dugaan bulan Ramadhan… So we went to Sofra to iftar proper. 

Takpelah, nasib baik Bandung dia baaanyak sedap =D

one of the best Bandung ever! sweet? check. lemak? check.

one of the best Bandung ever! sweet? check. lemak? check.

Ok alrite 7 days left je.. Use it well insyaAllah :D

PS: Taktau lah kenape but I’ve been itching to post pics of foooood je this month! Hehe! Sorry korang!


10 responses to “Ragam Ramadhan + Sofra Iftar

  1. Jam

    Oh Mar…7 days to go and yet we haven’t got a chance to buka together as a grp. I’m bored, la.

  2. Hilwan

    That time I ate at Al Tahzaq (think that’s how you spell it) with my colleagues from TBWA. It’s located at Haji Lane and the food also came very late. We ordered shish kebab and we were so close to leaving because everyone was pissed LOL

  3. simplymardy

    @jam: today we’re iftar-ing together babe! hmm but u keje eh. and this weekend is the last weekend b4 raye. mesti bz giler kemas rumah n other stuff. so how..? =)

    @hilwan: too many orders but too little hands! this is what u call a small test discreetly given to u. haha. dah kebuluh macam susah sikit nak control anger lol =p

  4. Jam

    im left out again. Sob sob to the max.

  5. simplymardy

    ala dun cry cry later i cry also! i’ll iftar on ur behalf kay jam? ^_^

  6. Hilwan

    lol a hungry man is an angry man? hehe

  7. Jam


    oh, pls tell me in advance when you all nak jln raya also eh? Weekends preferably. But on certain Sundays, i cannot so yah hafta check my work schedule too. Loves!

  8. qushashi

    oh …i ate at al-Majlis ..same thing. betol punyer menduga. tapi dengan dugaan itu juga diseliputi peluang emas ..iaitu untuk bersabar :PpPp but i didnt have a nice xperience, not so much cos of the foods …it was the whole atmosphere which i feel so far-away from Him. ppl sheeshaa-ing, boy-girl mixing (we sat on the floor – no chairs) ..mcD mcSpicy still the best. fast delivery! huahuahua!!

    *peace V*

  9. simplymardy

    @hilwan: aha. true that.. especially so during the fasting month, hmm i wonder why..

    @jam: sure babe, yeah weekends of course. nak kene sumbat kan date jalan raye ngan korang must must! :D

  10. simplymardy

    @qushashi: you and ur mcspicy forever! somehow mcD doesn’t appeal to me during Ramadhan, nor do any other fast food.. except maybe for the chicken ^_^

    enjoy the last days of Ramadhan y’all!

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