The O.C.

18 Ramadhan 1429H

Yesterday iftar with dy bestie :)

at masjid temenggong

Anyway.. I’m sure u all read about that old crush I (KENTAL-ly) sent a raya card to a few Ramadhans back.

Well this Ramadhan I saw him.

Was rounding Vivo before iftar time. Skaaaali OC (Old Crush) was just standing a few feet away from dy & me. Silly me went, “Eh! _______!” out loud. When I saw OC, his name automatically popped up in my head and I accidentally said it out loud. (Not speaker loud but few-feet-away loud) Haha!

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

So obviously when someone calls ur name somewhere, u turn right? So when he turned, u know what I did?

Why, looked away and pretend like nothing happened of course! LOL!

Poor OC must have been wondering who these 2 crazy tudung girls were. (No actually only 1 la.) Hua hua hua.



I really hope he doesn’t remember me. Embarrassingggggg lah dey. After that I couldn’t stop laughing. Merepek lah. So farnieeeee. :D

On a rocking note, brother bought Metallica’s Death Magnetic yesterday. Hooray! \m/ 

happy feet!

On another rocking note, the last 10 days of Ramadhan is fast approaching. Reminds me of Ishak’s sms, We are prisoners of time; yesterday today and tomorrow. The prophet s.a.w said in a hadith bukhari that Allah said, ‘Do not curse the time, for I am the time.” 


8 responses to “The O.C.

  1. @isyah


    That OC, issit the person who I think it is? start with.. “A”?


    btw that metallica CD, issit the latest one?
    how much ah dat one?

    Not dat I listen but “someone” bdae coming so I am keeping my options open..


  2. simplymardy

    haha syah macam tak tau pulak lol!

    duno how much, i dengar je :D

    ooo that someone issit the person who I think it is? start with.. “S”?


  3. @isyah


    good one mar!

    U ask lah ur bro.. please…

  4. mardy

    okies dah reply!

  5. siti_m

    siape eh OC…do i know?

    may we attain the best these last few days of ramadhan~

  6. mardy

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD

  7. qushashi

    alah mardh, nahper gambar makanan pat situ ..*hehee* so cute lah..i can so imagine u two as best friends in pasir ris sec. are u a yr younger than me? tak mcm eh ..korang nih blessed with youthful-sweet-17 looks lah ^__^

  8. simplymardy

    aww fyza thanks! =) alhamdulillah =) jangan puji banyak2.. danger tau!
    ironically we were not exactly best friends back then, we were friends, but only after sec school baruuuu boleh term “best”. hehe.

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