Mummy Mystery

On Saturday after NI’s BTF Ruqayyah told me she saw my mum at masjid Kassim that afternoon;

R: Cik tengah tunggu Mardhiah?

“My mum”: Ak ah.. Ni kejap lagi die amik cik.

R: Tapi klas die besok kan cik?

M: Tak la hari ni pun die ade klas.

You know what is the funny thing? I called my mum and she said she didn’t go out at all on Saturday coz she was busy preparing food for buka since some of my relatives were coming.

So who was that woman?

Macam seram kan? Haha. Ruqayyah and me (and my mum) were confused and were trying to figure out who was “my mum”.

Maybe Ruqa tersalah orang. Pelanduk dua serupa gaknye? But what are the odds that makcik (who looks like my mum) has a daughter name Mardhiah also right? Maybe she got lah. I duno.

My mum said, “Agaknye malaikat tak?” Then she couldn’t stop thinking about it and kept asking me the same questions like, “die pakai baju ape?” “pukul brape Ruqayyah nampak ibu?” n etc etc. 

I think whoever it is, perhaps it might have been a reminder for me to spend more time at home (with my darling mum) this Ramadhan. 

So the next day when my mum ask me to help out at home (tons of things to get done @_@), I did even tho had to miss nypmsn iftar.

Only Allah knows who that woman was (or wasn’t – in the case Ruqa really tersalah orang lol).

Alrite won’t be blogging much this last 2 weeks of Ramadhan, need to focus on what truly needs to be focused this month insyaAllah. :)


2 responses to “Mummy Mystery

  1. ruqayyah

    salaam ya habib! :D
    hehe yeah i like it, ‘stay positive’.
    ‘maybe that means i need to spend more time with my maam’. =)
    yg pasal ‘makcik’ tu… hmm.. Allah je lah tau sape dia sebenarnya…

  2. mardy

    w’salam ya ukhti! :)
    yuppo~ and how apt it is to have that reminder in the form of a sister.. you!

    alhamdulillah =)

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