Pre-Ramadhan Reflection

If last year I was at home the whole of Ramadhan (taking my own sweet time in job-hunting after grad haha), this year I’ll be working. You know what that means? Collection down, Give collection Up. Oh maaaaan.

Haha ok ok. Don’t be so selfish mard!

Gotta get used to not buying my fave breakfast meal of roti boyan and teh tarik from the Kopitiam near my workplace! Lol ^_^

Just now as I finished my first terawih I could feel the sweetness of Ramadhan creeping in. I have been pre-occupied lately that I forgot to take time and appreciate the moment of Ramadhan getting nearer and now it’s finally here!

I am so excited! So many things to look forward to this Ramadhan insyaAllah and may this year’s be better than the last for me, coz you never know if it would be the last for you, and you and you.

How do u know if your life is blessed?

1. As-Saadah

You’re always happy (optimistic) no matter whatever challenges coming your way.

2. Az-Ziadah

You’re always improving day by day. (Yourself, improving knowledge, barakah etc)

This was shared by my CIBF lecturer, Dr Nurdianawati Irwani. I think her life is definitely very blessed, she is sooooooo cute and she has such a positive aura I like~ She also mentioned that in life we live to help each other coz if we live only for ourselves, we’ll be insane! Nyahaha. So true!

Ramadhan this year is also my uncle’s first Ramadhan here after 13 years working overseas. Usually he comes back during Syawal. He was so excited about mosque-hopping for terawih anddddd get this, putting lampu lap-lip! Yang paling hilarious is when he said he’ll miss the working hours over there, with such a sad expression I couldn’t help laughing. Apparently in Saudi you only work 6 hours in Ramadhan.

Ok Ramadhan Kareem everyone! Selamat Berpuasa! :D


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