August babies!

Last Sunday we had a mini celebration & doa selamat for my darling little sister, who turns 14.

Nani & Fathiah during Hari Raya Eid 07

Nani & Fathiah during Hari Raya Eid 07

She is soooo vain la. She deleted all the pics of her cutting the Royals Chocolate Truffle Cake that we bought for her just because “it’s not nice”. In other words, not pretty must delete. Pffft. So I’ve resorted to this picture of her and my cuzzy during last yr’s Raya. Don’t care if she thinks pretty or not. Muahahaha. But i think she looks sweet in this picture tho (she’s the one in green).

Then we were debating on who was cuter once upon a time in Babyland.

Fathiah: I lagi cute!

Me: Taklah, I lagi cute!

Fathiah: Please eh, I yang lagi cute!

Me: Ok let’s ask nenek dulu-dulu siape lagi cute.

So we did. Then she looked at both us, observing our cuteness level. We thought she was going to be diplomatic and be nice to both cucus, skali…

Nenek: Yaya lah lagi cute! (Yaya is moi).

Me: Hooray! See I told you (ok ok i know i sound very the childish one)

Fathiah: But cute means adorable but ugly tau! Means u are ugly! (sore loser)

Me: Hello eh, nenek punye version of “cute” means “adorable”. Adorable panjang sangat nak pronounce.

Nenek: Alah tak kisah la siape yang lagi cute. Dah besar semua cantik. Yang ade kecik-kecik tak cute, dah besar lawa. (Awww… But wait, she’s referring to both of us right? Haha)

Hahaha. Brainless argument. Maybe I shall post our baby pics and let you be the judge. ;)


The day before that Ain had her PRE-BDAY bbq. Her bday is only tomorrow so technically she’s not 21 yet. Happy Advanced birthday Ain Farah Koenitz!

With the (always zany) birthday girl in pink!

With the (always zany) birthday girl in pink!

I was looking through our old pictures of sec school and whatnots (most were taken by the old-skool cammy – apparently the camwhoring part still hasn’t changed) and can’t help laughing and eee-ing on how different we were back then. They’ll kill me if I post those pictures! Hahaha.. So fun to look back and reminisce the kental times. Everyone changed 360 degrees. I think the word is evolved, coz even though we’ve changed, we’re still pretty much the same deep inside. It’s wonderful that we are still together, loves. :)

6 responses to “August babies!

  1. @isyah

    So the colour colour this very pictures.



  2. simplymardy

    yeah love us and love you syah! ;)

  3. fathiah

    y that pic??? so not nice…

  4. simplymardy

    nice la so sweet! =P

  5. salaam!

    aite.. terima kasih! ‘Fathiah’ is a nice name, haven’t heard of it in my life heh…

    ramadhan rocks next week! macam cepat gitu.. now semakin ramai budak nypms terlibat dalam saff.. ini tanda baik! … all the way mardhiah! FNB rocks!

  6. simplymardy

    w’salam remy!

    yah my sister’s name means “yang suka memberi pertolongan” something like that. and sis is very helpful indeeeeeed… haha

    yuppo! @ nypmsn – that’s great, let’s conquer the world! ok ok lol anyways Ramadhan Kareem! 2 more days to go ^_^

    and 7 more days to RRock!

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