The Muslimah Olympian

More on the Olympics!

Tak habees habees olympics.. But hey, another reason to be happy about (altho it doesn’t concern my beloved country – it concerns my beloved veil ^_^)

Bahrain’s Ruqaya Al Ghasara wins Asian Games 200, dedicates victory dedicated to all Muslim women

Hooray! Alhamdulillah :D

She is the only Muslimah with a hijab on, or “hijood” as it is called, which is a combination of the word “hijab” and “hood” specially designed for her.  

My only problem is the fit. The pants look like leggings instead of proper long track pants for Muslim women but obviously there were strict Olympic requirements to be followed in designing the sportswear.

Besides that, I’m happy to see a Muslimah in the Olympics. It must have taken a whole lot of effort for her to get there. Hopefully there’ll be more in future!

Oh, and I found this Hijablog from Germany. Omg I love love love the blogsite! U seriously should go check it out! The writer is a Muslimah from Germany and her blog is filled with fashion and make-up, she highlights how the hijab is worn all over the world! At the same time she knows and is aware that both should not be done obsessively in Islam. But of course, women are women and we all love beautiful things. :)


6 responses to “The Muslimah Olympian

  1. fyzaoh

    alaah …terlalu lawaa sangat ..(with reference to the blog u mentioned) ..maluuuuuuu ..*hihi*

  2. short people with short legs use more effort to run tau. takde kene mengene eh =D

  3. simplymardy

    @ fyzaoh: yah la, like those u see in glossy mag covers but with hijab. truuuuly gorgeous!

    @ spidey: ye hairil what’s ur point.. hahaaaa tau takpe =p

  4. Salaam sister! You know there were actually 12 hijabis at the Olympics this year :D I did a post about them on my my blog a while ago. So inspirational!

  5. simplymardy

    W’salam sis Jana! Wow! That’s amaaaaazing! 12 is a huuuuge number =D

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