HPB – 17th July 2009

This news flash says that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been rescheduled to be shown next year July 17th 2009!


Warner Bros ni.. mainkan perasaan orang seh. Hmph.

Now must wait yet again… Marliyana has a countdown banner tho – From today it’s 334 days away. 334 days?! U can start counting, that’s around 10 months away. 


Watch Trailer

Whatever it is, I’m gonna start reading Half-Blood Prince again to push away the blues. Coz hey, no movie ain’t gonna beat the book :D


4 responses to “HPB – 17th July 2009

  1. ruqayyah

    hehe sabar sabar.
    btw sometimes im irritated with the actor playing ron. ron in the book is so brave tapi kat movie mcm sikit coward -_-

  2. mardy

    maybe it’s his expressions? in the movie everything is squeezed in so can’t really see his bravery at large.. the movie doesn’t justify the book, in any case.

    yeah patiently waiting ;)

  3. siti_m


    asal eh they reschedule it? tsk.
    ya..mayb i shd read it too

  4. simplymardy

    coz they decided it would be more *exciting* for us fans.
    either that or it’s more profitable then coz its summer and there are more good movies being shown.

    oh well. back to the books yo!

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