Think Happy

Every morning the bumblebee from Butter Bee Happy bzzes to my email to remind me to write 5 things that make me happy.

According to research,

Harvard, UC Davis, and Miami University research has shown that jotting down 5 thoughts of gratitude each day can make you a happier person.

So I make it a point to do so even when my desk is piled with tons of files to be checked upon and my day is super busy (apparently not so today since I’m blogging *hihi*). Coz it helps. It helps you remember the things in life that cheer you up and being thankful for them. 

It doesn’t even have to be a significant, big event. It could even be when you wake up spotting that you still have 5 mins more and managed to catch that heavenly 5 mins of sleep and still be early to work. And then reading blogs like this and this.

Gratitude and happy thoughts :)

Like Madam Tan from Bukit Anak Kambing says, “Must think positive!” xoxoxo


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