New shoes are like new phases in life.

My black pump shoes with red and white stripes were falling apart and thus, a signal to get new ones!

So I bought Crocs. Prima. In gold. I thought why not invest a little bit more in a shoe that is comfortable and versatile (and will last long – those black shoes, err they were only a few months old).

Then I wore it after that for a couple of days.


As usual, new shoes are deceiving as always. Trying it on in the shop and wearing it around are 2 different things altogether. It had been comfy in the ever so bright and coulourful Crocs shop but ouch, blisters had somehow decided to appear on my feet.

The funny thing is, only my right leg is affected.


There is a traditional petua saying you have to bite and selawat whenever u buy new shoes so they won’t melecet. Is it true?

However, I am still wearing it (and limping one leg) coz I know eventually, it will “season”.

I came to this conclusion.

New shoes are just like new phases in life. They hurt, they are painful and they are super uncomfortable at first.

But eventually they will season.


Sidetrack: Did any of you read Nur Dianah Suhaimi’s “Feeling like the Least Favourite Child” article on Sunday Times “Think” section yesterday? Woah. Amazing. I felt that she spoke for the majority of the Malay-Muslim community.

“I also believe that it is this ‘least favourite child’ mentality which makes most Malays defensive and protective of their own kind.

Why do you think Malay families spent hundreds of dollars voting for two Malay boys in the Singapore Idol singing contest? And do you know that Malays who voted for other competitors were frowned upon by the community?

Read the rest of the article

I wonder how’s her Inbox gonna be like today tho. Heh.


4 responses to “New shoes are like new phases in life.

  1. ruqa

    hey i also just bought crocs :D
    but not this model…. and its pink! hehe.

    (sundays jumpe mardy asek mcm kene rush gi class balik ah.. tk sempat nak bobal :p)

  2. Huda Lee

    Wow…the article made an impact and gave me a different light about the feelings and being a Malay in Singapore. And I thought I was the one struggling with my identity and my race.

    At least someone spoke up and let it made known to the other races in Singapore who generally thinks that Malays are lazy. Well, times have changed now I hope.

    However, race should never be brought up when you are describing the characteristics or behavior of a person. I’ve always believed its due to how each individual are brought up in the family and community with the values and beliefs instilled in them.

    Or maybe its because of our lack of faith towards the Malay community that it becomes a Doa. Like people always say, “Malays are lazy bla bla bla…” and then it really comes true. Instead, we should doa for them to be guided towards the right path.


  3. simplymardy

    @ ruqa: I was so tempted to buy pink shoes too! but how often am i going to wear them? i just got rid of my black shoe with green and yellow polka dots with kitten heels which had been sitting nicely in the shoe cupboard.. for nearly 2 yrs. LOL!

    yalah slalu hi-bye je! but at least terrrr-jumpe jugak ;)

    @huda: yup2 I think what she wrote struck a chord coz she highlighted the common issues being talked about but had never been written straightforwardly in an english paper. usually these kind of articles exist in the malay paper. and she wrote about it in a simple way, not to criticise anybody but just to bring up the issues concerning the community.

    Yeah I agree with the “..race should never be brought up when you are describing the characteristics or behavior of a person..”

    and religion too. :)

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