That first step

In the midst of this whole planning process, I am suddenly reminded of the very first time I volunteered and how far I’ve come to. Not very far Great Wall of China far, but far enough for me to keep going.

Just keep going, just keep trekking, just keep smiling. Nemo kape~

Ok ok back to the topic.

Let me recall my first time on volunteering for the community.

I was 16, in Sec 4. Ain asked me to join this BYG thingy and I thought hey, why not?

U know why I join? Coz Ain told me they had BBQ and overseas trips. Nothing about the community whatsoever. I know, what a super lame reason right? But hey, I was 16. Gimme a break. =P

It was in Darul Arqam, in the Befrienders Youth Group (BYG), a subsidiary of the Befrienders team. It has since disbanded but the memories lives on.

In BYG I organised a trekking cum treasure hunt, at Sungei Buloh Nature Park for the very first time.

Only 8 people turned up.

Now it would have sounded disappointing to you, but to me and the rest of my team mates, Faisal Rascal, Syaza & Siti Rahmah, those 8 people were like 80 people! Thank God for them! Those 8 people made my event a success.

In BYG I also had the opportunity to go to Kota Tinggi with the DA Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC) team. Funnily enough, that trip was the trip that spurred my interest to join ADC in NYP.

So that was my first time. The single step that I took, after which a series of other steps followed.

But of course, the next step only took place like 2 yrs later when I joined Nypms, but that’s another story altogether!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Chinese proverb


2 responses to “That first step

  1. mdhilwan

    “Coz Ain told me they had BBQ and overseas trips”

    Hahah :p Have u heard of the reason why I joined in MS in the first place?

  2. simplymardy

    oh well. older & wiser we are now (hopefully!) :D

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