Goodbye Gilmore Girls

Yesterday was the season finale of the final season of Gilmore Girls. Technically, it has ended months ago in US but Channel 5 just aired it yesterday.

After 7 seasons, 7 years of following the dynamic & lovable mother-daughter’s lives in Stars Hollow, it ended with a scene in Luke’s Diner, just like it did on the first episode of the first season. How nice. I feel like when I finished reading Book 7 of Harry Potter. Nostalgic. (:

(Ah.. both my fave series and books have magic number 7 seasons!) 

And I still think Jess is the best guy for Rory, I hope they make a movie out of this or something :D


12 responses to “Goodbye Gilmore Girls

  1. seekinghuda

    Yeah..i watched the show. I cried when Rory wanted to leave for her career. Haha!

  2. simplymardy

    omg i cried when she went to Yale! hahahha… cos i thought the series was going to end then since she’s all grown up and off to college. i wikipeda-ed and hey, in real life, rory & jess (alexis bledel & milo v) they actually dated for 3 years. hehehe.

  3. Huda Lee

    Haha…kaypoh kaypoh…

    I like alexis bledel in the movie “Sisterhood of the travelling pants”. And the book is awesome too. Did you read or watch it???

  4. simplymardy

    eh no i didn’t watch neither did i read it. u got the book?

  5. im gonna miss that tv show so much !!
    i cried for hpurs when i saw the end … it was so sad :<
    i l=o=v=e alexis and louren theyre perfect.

  6. simplymardy

    hi maya! yeah me tooooo! i felt like i grew up with that show u know? no matter how it ended, it’s still an ending. but it had gotta end someday. :)

  7. CHEESE.

    I love Gilmore Girls! I have only seen up to the episode where Logan takes her back to his house and she gets humiliated. Don’t ruin the ending for anyone!
    I love it so much. I had to get my dad to record it for me and when it cut off I cried because I couldn’t finish it!
    You get really attached to the girls!!

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  9. Mini

    I have seen every episode of gilmore girls at least five times they are easy to getattached to.But I hated the ending because ror and logan needed to get enganged she needed to say YES.

  10. i lovw gilmorw=e girls. i hope there is season 8 where jess and rory will get back together. jess was the right guy for rory . she loved him more than any of the other guys she had dated. dean was not my favourate person he looked like her father.

  11. julieana

    i hate this why dont u post my comments

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