Book(s) of the month – July

I’m nearly finishing my July book.

Talent is Never Enough by John C. Maxwell. Excellent book, with lots of reminders and quotes from successfull & legendary people worldwide. And I’m starting on another book. But this time a fiction novel –

After months of it being reviewed and everything, I’ve finally got my hands on this book, thanks to a dear friend. I first read the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and it simply blew me away. Yeahooo, I am a bookworm and proud of it I always wana read too many books at once I’ve to control myself to finish one at a time!

Anyways I’ve just started reading the opening chapters and I reckon it’s going to be an excellent read as well, best with a mug of hot chocolate yum yum for some me time – I need my dose of me time or else I’ll go bonkers. XD


4 responses to “Book(s) of the month – July

  1. oh! ive always wanted to read kite runner! heard many2 good reviews about it. but kan, i dont wana buy it. hee. do you have a copy of it?

  2. simplymardy

    wooops i, like you, also didnt wana buy it haha.. so i borrowed from a friend too. lucky my friends are Khaled Hosseini book fans :D

  3. mdhilwan

    did they made a movie out of the book kite runner? I tink i saw the ads on GV some months back

  4. simplymardy

    yeah they did, but i didnt manage to watch it. anyways if i watch it im afraid i will be comparing it with the book every minute! so didnt watch also good. =D

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