Getting Crafty

Since an interested sewist-to-be *hint hint* has asked for sewing books to recommend, I’ve been thinking of the books I’ve used throughout my sewing journey.

I used to refer to this really thick “Panduan Menjahit” book that my mum has but I don’t really like using it. I love books, but I hate the fact that I have to keep flipping through that book and referring to whatever measurements I’m supposed to take.

Furthermore, books have whole packages instead of individual projects. There’s pros & cons about that, coz let’s say you reaallly want to do this project from one sewing book, but you don’t want the whole book, you just want that one project. Like it or not, you have to buy the book.

But thank goodness for the Internet, you can find soooooo many sewing tutorials, tips and tricks available by all sewists & crafters all over the world!

For starters, there’s Simplicity, a website full of sewing ideas and lessons.

Another site I love is

Purl Bee, which is an online journal of Purl Soho, an online fabric store set up by 2 sisters. They have a store at New York where they also conduct classes. The Purl Bee’s blog is filled with colourful patchwork, knitting & sewing projects. There’s also tutorials that are easy to follow.

So if you’re free, take a look! :)


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