The Petite Soccer Babe

Guess who I bumbed into at TKC while shopping with my mum?

Wati Pippo, the NYP Soccer babe!

(Omg that was the zaman of my famous trendsetting red upside-down specs man. Wakaka.)

Her full name is Fazilawati. Wah! She was with her mum as I was with mine. So excited to bump into each other! We were in the same 2 TEP postings back in nyp – ELDC & BPOS, and we immediately hit it off – maybe because not only is she short and sweet, like me, she is also one sporty chicka! She was in NYP’s all-girls soccer team babe! Don’t play play!

(TEP is, in short, something all NYP SBM students had to go through in our 2nd year for 6 months since we don’t have FYP.)

She is ard 2+ yrs older than me since she went to ITE Clementi before NYP, but she still looks so young right? Coz she has such a cheerful & positive aura that it’s so much fun to be around her. There was the case of the friend’s cousin, girl talks, gossips, cuci mate-ing and endless laughing sessions. ^_^

Thennnnn before she had the chance to “announce” her news to me, her mum blurted out that… She was getting engaged on 9 Aug! National Day! Lagi excited! I immediately began to start digging her secrets, “Ooooh! Siape ehhhh…? *Wink wink wink*” But she had to go off to find her “baju” (Baju tunang lah tu.. ape lagi *hihi*) Nehmind, digging secrets continues on msn *evil laughter*

So many people getting engaged/married on National Day this year. How come eh?

Anyway just a link for me to remember – Last Day @ BPOS!


2 responses to “The Petite Soccer Babe

  1. simplymardy

    but of course. haaahaha! XD

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