Yesterday I finally did what I haven’t been doing since last month.


Have not been running lately due to coming back late often and partial laziness. So after repeatedly convincing and motivating myself, I did it! I ran.

As usual, I ran around my neighbourhood since there’s a running path that is also used by a lot of other runners. I love running at that track because not only is the track not quiet, I love it because its so colourful with people and their wonderful quirks!

I saw kids playing at the playground, boys playing soccer at the futsal court, daddies bringing their toddlers jogging together, grandmas with their oh soooo cute and adorable grandchildren spending an evening relaxing, and other runners some doing serious running while some jogging leisurely, among the many.

As I ran, feeling the cooling breeze (it had just stopped raining before that), feeling my heart pumping vigorously, feeling thankful for having a healthy body, feeling the adrenaline rush of the fastness of running and sweating it out, suddenly I was struck with this thought.

What if, at that very moment, my heart stopped beating and my life ended? And moments before that I had been thinking of some stuff clouding my mind. What if then during the Day of Judgement when I am awakened and asked what were u thinking during the point of death and my answer would be some stupid wordly issues and not thinking of Him?

Anyways afterwards I felt pretty tired, but happy kind of tired and refreshed!

It felt good. Reaaaally good. I should not be lazy and run more often :D

Ok la this picture very random, just felt like putting it up. This was during Minhah Iftar 2 years ago. Senyum dengan taqwa everyone! ;)


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