Rock Pencilbox

New addtion to *done* sewing projects!

Originally I wanted to make it into a clutch purse but since I’ve been so disorganised lately, it ended up to be my new pencilbox!

If that fabric looks familiar… u might have seen it from here :D

No I didn’t cut up my dress lol.. Had some spare fabric. Imagine me wearing the dress and this pencilbox to go along with it. That would be sooo corny.

Made one similar to this for a birthday present a few months ago so this is like a mini-version! I like the outcome *hihi* but of coz, tweaks here and there needed for improvements.

Anyway I think I’m going to make more of these with the other fabrics in my fabrics pile. My sis already requested for one in pink and purple (err sounds familiar? like sister like sister lol).


8 responses to “Rock Pencilbox

  1. siti_m

    cantik nyer.hee aah eh same ngan ur baju! stylo milo ubber cool.
    enjoy seeing ur sewing products~ do more and share pics tau (:

  2. siti_m

    sis, i da buat yg 10 random things abt me. sorry. like lambat gitu kan.

  3. simplymardy

    oh heh noooo prob. was supposed to go to ur blog n tag but mcm pest pulak gitu kan. haha. and kite dah bace! i love books also! thanks sis :)

  4. mdhilwan

    haha that cloth looks soooo familiar!

  5. simplymardy

    kih kih kih. of coz.. lol =P

  6. ruqayyah

    again, lovely! :D

  7. simplymardy

    why thank you so much dahhling *curtseys*

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