Monday Mishap

Something funny happened in the morning.

As usual, I took bus service Express 506 to work. And slept along the way. Woke up. Look around. Oh still at PIE. Yey can still sleep. Then I woke up to find myself at Sixth Avenue near Bukit Timah.

My first thought, “Alamak! Overslept! And Express 506 stops at Jurong East Interchange!”

So of course I looked for the nearest bus stop but the bus didn’t stop at any of them. I was filled with dread at the thought of having to patah balik & being late.

Then the bus passed through Eng Neo Ave, then Bukit Timah Rd, and to Jalan Jurong Kechil. I didn’t remember passing through this route when I took the bus to Jurong East before but naturally, the bus driver knows better right?


When we reached Jalan Jurong Kechil, instead of continuing on the main road, the bus driver instead turned to the small roads amongst the Semi-D & bungalows. Huh?

Which SBS bus ever goes through that route that is only meant for cars?

Then turn here, turn there, and after a series of more turns, at last we reached… Bukit Batok Crescent. The bus stop I always alight for work.


Turns out that he had made the wrong exit after PIE and had to make one whole round just to come back to the right route. Even bus drivers make mistakes. I guess he was having Monday blues just like the rest of his passengers.

And I thought I had overslept. Hahaha…


15 responses to “Monday Mishap

  1. HAHA! omg this morning, i overslept in the bus and when i woke up, i wos in the middle of nowhere in the bus on the expressway. -_- I panicked like crazy man!

  2. mdhilwan

    I think I might hold the record for oversleeping in a public transport. Here is my advanture:

    It was after school. I was very tired. Take into consideration I had ran 3.2km (8 laps) at the school tracks + swam 4 laps in the school’s swimming pool (i was quite a fitness freak lol). And so I boarded the train at YCK to head home at Marsling. I got a seat, check my time, 830pm and I straight away fell asleep. When I woke up, I was at Khatib, still going towards Marsling but it was 1030pm. 2 hours have passed but I only travelled 1 stop?


  3. hello!!! dropped by to say hi!

    and what a way to start a monday! =)

  4. simplymardy

    fizo: and u were supposed to stop at toa payoh rite? haha!

    wan: hahaha the thing is, nobody bothered to wake u up huh? at least u enjoyed 2 hrs of undisturbed air-conditioned sleep lol

    neni: hulo neni! yah la. what an adventure seh =p

  5. mdhilwan

    but then after that I got fined $2 for overstaying in the MRT lol

  6. HAHA. Hilwan’s “adventure” is really really hilarious! Haha.

  7. member lu

    Hilwan’s Hilarious Adventure. kelakar giler seh….

  8. boo

    hahahahahahaha!!!!… now these are stories to chase particular monday blues away. i shud have read ur blog on monday. was sooooooo having the blues that day larh. dang. lol!

  9. simplymardy

    wan macam-macam seh story. i think we all have overslept in the bus/mrt one way or another at any one point of time of our lives! :D

    there was once i overslept in the bus and the bus driver had to wake me up when the bus reached the interchange. lucky he realised and woke me up! if not i would’ve gone on another trip in the bus! hahaha.

    boo who ask u not to read my blog on monday? lol =P

  10. mdhilwan

    hahaha yea.. i traveleld in the mrt from YCK sampai Jurong then the mrt turn back towards YCK sampai Marina Bay then turn back all the way to YCK. LOL travelled the whole lenght of Singapore asleep! Wohoo! LOL

  11. boo

    cos… *i wish you could see the workload i have at work*


    yeah, it’s true you know. i think everyone has gone through that experience before. that goes to hint the hectic lifestyle we have in singapore.

    HIJRAH!!!.. lol!

  12. Huda Lee

    So I am not alone after all. Mine was taking bus 23 from little india all the way to Tampines Interchange. I was sleeping at the top deck and everyone went down except me because I was asleep. The bus driver didn’t even notice that I was upstairs and proceed to park his vehicle. And when he realised there was this “sleeping beauty” at the top, I was already embarassed as everyone was looking up at me from below in tamp interchange.

    I went down and acted as if nothing had happened. But inside, I was fuming mad at the whole singapore population for having no courtesy to wake me up when they alight the bus. Haha!

  13. simplymardy

    omg huda so funny hahahehehuhu!!! ROTFLOL! =P
    i saw that same thing happen too, i was waiting for my bus at tamp int and saw some guy sleeping comfortably in the bus. then he woke up & came down… as if nothing happened of course. i think we all felt as embarrased as him la seriously.

    …and it actually happened to u!

    boo erkk we all know that work never end darls. HIJRAH YOK! ;)

    you all seriously put me into laughing fits lah k. hahah :D

  14. amy

    hey hey hey..i have a story bout that kind of bus driver too. Bt i didnt overslept in the bus la. Hahaha..

    Well, me and my friend is on our way to IKEA Tamp. So we took the bus service 27. I guess the bus driver is still new or wat i dunno la. I know this bus will surely make a round about at seng kang first before it went out to the pasir ris expressway. So when we reached seng kang, we realised that this driver has been round about seng kang TWICE!! Hahaha.. giler ape. Memabukkan orang je.

    Den biler da kat expressway, when it’s suppose to turn to the right towards the IKEA busstop, it went straight instead to Elias Rd. Mabuk aperr???

    The rest of the passengers were panicking ar. It’s freaking out when the bus driver too got panicked. Aper seh. Haha. And the worst case scenario when the bus driver dunno how to drive the bus sampai ternaik atas WTH??!!??

    It was really a nightmare. Many passengers alighted at a busstop which that bus not supoosed to stop there. Haha..funny seh. But Alhamdulillah, he knows how to turn back to the right way. Phew..luckily ar. Hahaha.. that was my adventure..LOL

  15. simplymardy

    like boo said, HIJRAH! but right, at least bus driver pusing-pusing still in recognisable parts in singapore lah. so no biggie. can still take another bus back or forwards. imagine if ure all alone in some foreign land (and it happens to be ur first time in that country) and it happens to u? as adventurous as it sounds, it also sounds so scary!

    erk. or mayb im just imagining too much, haha! =p

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