Falling in love with..


 ..Purple & Pink Butterfly Buttons! <3


8 responses to “Falling in love with..

  1. Huda Lee

    Ahh…they are so pweeetty!

  2. simplymardy

    Thats y! *agagagaga* lol =p

  3. amy

    hey mardh! How have you been doing? Hehehe..i’m back from Arab Street and i’m sooo crazy over those beautiful fabrics. Arghhh!!! Geram seh tengok. Macam nak beli semua je..kekeke..anyways if you feel like gg to Spotlight again..do ask me along too aye. I would love to go der sometimes. Heez.. Oraites den. Catch ya later. ;)

  4. ruqayyah

    lovely! *hearts* hehe.

    “kalao dah pompan tu pompan jgk wahaha”.

    akhakum fillah
    wa uhibbukum fillah
    wa uhibbu man solli
    ala Rasulillah

  5. simplymardy

    amy: hey amy! whenever i go its always unplanned so expect to receive a msg from me at the unlikeliest times. heh.

    ruqa: yeap always in love with sugar, spice & everything nice! =)

  6. boo

    uiks!!!! LOVELY!!!! maner dapat tu?!?!!..

  7. simplymardy


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