Seeing Purple

Finally had some time to myself over the weekend so decided to do some fun and simple sewing. I like to sew at night when the house is peaceful & there are no distractions.

1) Batu Serembat/ 5 Stones. I’ve been itching to do this for so long! It’s hard to find this outside these days. This traditional game is fun to play – you can play it alone or with friends. It actually trains ur concentration as well. Cool~

2) A handphone pouch for my ever-dropping handphone. Of course, it just had to be purple and fuschia. :D 

Alrite that’s it for now. I think I’m going to sew something at least once a week to improve my sewing skills (and to lessen the fabric stash at home – it just keeps piling up lol =P)

PS: Talking about “piling” fabrics, that purple curduroy fabric with pretty flowers and swirls all over was from a Spotlight sale… 5 years ago! Most of it has been used up already but I still have some remaining. Kekeke.


12 responses to “Seeing Purple

  1. fyzaoh

    pink & purple! so cute!

    hai ..mardh, u’re gonna be the 1st person i’m telling abt this : my sewing machine rosak. kental kan! (lagi kental the owner yg sememangnyer *blur* bab repair machine nih) sedih seh *big wet eyes* i dun know how im gonna lead my life after this (dramaaaa huahuahua!). so, i am back to menjahit/ alter my kains pakai jarum & benang secara manual. inilah haqiqat nan haqiqi, yang terjadi pasti akan terjadi …kuikuikui. sebenarnyer i nak tanye – do u know why a sewing machine just go *cork-up* like zzzeeetzeeetsiao liddat? nampak elok benor jer, tkde ribut, tkde taufan ..aleh-aleh when i start, it gets very jerky. minyak eh? *scratch tudung*

    mekaceh in advance~~

  2. fyzaoh

    ehh! hp baru eh! pink lagi! lawaaaaaaaaa ~~~~ ;)

  3. simplymardy

    haluuu fyza!

    eh taklah hp ni da lama jugak.. but it keeps dropping (due to the owner, hurhur) so that hp case is supposed to be like a shield gitu. hopefully it works!

    anyways, oh noo! hmm usually kalau my sewing machine ever rosak, my mum will call the repairmen, u want the number? later i give u. have u been seriously sewing manually along? i am the worst manual sew-er ever. i will find every opportunity not to sew manually nyehehehhe. which is why i always dread sewing baju kurung neckline. ugh. so leceh la. *_- heh so malas rite? i know!

    according to my mum, she likes to emphasize “letak minyak, letak minyak…” everytime sewing machine bunyi lain machemmm… so y don’t u give it a try first n then see if it gets better. kalau tak… call the doctor! =p

  4. salam(:
    i lyk dat hp pouch.
    so nice!

  5. i want u to sew my baju for hari raya!! hahaha

  6. simplymardy

    hidayah: wassalam, hi hidayah! ooh thanks ;)

    fizo: hoops nooo i don’t sew baju raya for other people… too much stress! u go to an experienced seamstress better :D

  7. Ratz

    Eh~ So pretty! I luv purples~ And pinks of course. Hehe~ Haven’t seen those batu serembats in ages. Last i saw them was wayyyy back in sec school. So nostalgic. Hee~ Have fun with ur sewing projects!

  8. simplymardy

    yup2 those were the Zero Point & 5 Stones days.. Zaman gemilang seh =P Thanks Ratz!

  9. boo

    i think kan.. pink & purple, or purplish pink / pinkish purple will forever be in season. been in love with those two combinations since last year!..

    mardy dearie!!… biler nak ajar? =P stress jugak F&B Vice kiter nanti.. heh.

  10. simplymardy

    actually skrg jugak nak ajar! but im really tied up at the moment.. these days i sew only at night-wee hrs! tu pun have to squeeze in time for it. add one more thing to my plate & that’s it… hehe =P

  11. boo

    yeah, i understand love. any books to recommend so that we can prepare beforehand? =P

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