Stong Vid

Hello everyone,

Stong video is up!

It’s already been uploaded at Saff website too.

Taken with this videocam and its waterproof casing by the (un)official videographer, brother Hilwan.

Enjoy! :D

PS: Click Play and then Pause it to let the vid buff first so it’s nicer to watch without disruptions.


7 responses to “Stong Vid

  1. mdhilwan

    owh and ive compressed it to 400mb (from original size of 5gb lol) and in a wmv format. So who would want a soft copy can just pass me a blank cd :)

  2. member lu

    wooo…cool videO…kudos hilwan…
    can realli see the fun-ness korang had kt sane…

    korang yang g Stong, im the one excited watching the vid…
    kuang3. *shakes head*

    Hmm..too bad we didnt took any videos during Dtalk…klu tk bole exchange…LOL
    nevertheless cn view the pics @ nypmsn multiply/ni blog/dtalk blog..

    *azhar promote sehh*….kuang3..

  3. mdhilwan

    ahahah aku malas nak tukar lar… :P

  4. mardy

    yeah huda answered it correctly! so we remember who made that video, likes to leave his own “trademark” urbun, tuguh… nyehehe.

    azhar free publicity nampak ;)

  5. Salaam! NYPMSN has linked u! Do visit our blog for updates and dont forget to tag! =)

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