Stepping into July

It’s July! Hooray! 6 months have passed by, how have you beautiful people been?

Time to recall some of the things I’ve done from May – July.


On 3 May 2008, was 26 RabiulAkhir my Islamic calendar birthday! So I’m now 21 (but still waiting for December to officially turn 21, wahaha). CIBF lessons starts. Mothers’ Day all-ladies retreat @ Raffles Country Club. Entered Kaboodle Spring Dress contest for fun (& fun it was!). Joined the XPDC Stong commitee – which makes it my first Saff event as one of the organisers. Watched CONGKAK (with my eyes partially closed half the time). Joined Pumpfest & improved! :D


STONG-ED!!! (As u can see, still mighty high somehow). NYPMSN Alumni & members gathering @ PRP. Syah’s family bbq (and we are family, no?). Watched Narnia: Prince Caspian with bro. Chilled at Ain’s place for a craaazy girls night in. Climb @ CA after a month of rest. Qiyam-ed. Girls night out with Dy & watched “Wanted” (cool movie – tho it’s a usual spy action movie, the screenshots and editing of the moves were superb). And June also marks my 6 month of work.

Sometimes I want the present to stay as the present but that would mean having a hard time letting go of the past. It’s best to move forward & let go of the past while staying rooted to the present. :)


2 responses to “Stepping into July

  1. ooh 21. just wondering, are you still growing taller or….. hehe

  2. mardhiah

    if i knew i would give u the answer to ur burning question. kecik-kecik cili padi hokay~

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