Flashback Kiblat moment

Actually wanted to share this during the Stong post-mortem but didn’t, I had it at the back of my mind but it just didn’t come out. Wallahu’alam. Anyway since I know some of u will hop over to my blog somehow (come on, there is no need to deny the obvious ;) ), here it goes..


2 years ago while in Mt. Ophir/Gunung Ledang with the NYP Adventure Club ppl, 3 of us girls were searching for the praying direction/kiblat at the base camp. And we found this kiblat signboard made by Saff-Perdaus! (Time tu blum blaja pasal reading stars for kiblat & we were too shy to ask the rangers. Hee.) It actually made us feel safe & relieved that alhamdulillah, yey we can pray here! Dulu lain, sekarang lain.. Especially since ADC & Saff are 2 completely different organisations.

The point is, at that point of time I never imagined getting to travel with the people who made the kiblat signboard Saff. So it is really a blessing to have experienced travelling both ways where back then, we had to scramble and find ways to solat whereas I don’t have to worry about that when travelling with Saff.

So siape yang buat kiblat signboard tu, you really helped us during that time. Thank you so much! It is amazing when I think about this. That 2 years ago, I was there, and you guys also set foot there (perhaps that signboard was a sign, pun intended) but we didn’t get a chance to cross paths… till now. MasyaAllah, such a blessing. :)


13 responses to “Flashback Kiblat moment

  1. Huda Lee

    Wa…you updated this super fast! Lol!

  2. mdhilwan

    LOL! Serious per! Next time we bring kiblat signboards to be planted wherever we go ah? hahaha

  3. mardy

    you guys are fast too!

    huda: yah la, the moment i go to sleep n wake up i’ll have no mood to blog abt it already..

    wan: according to kak huda they decided to leave a mark there coz b4 Ledang closed, it was like their playground~

  4. member lu a.k.a azhar

    cool or what! tat kiblat sign is made by Saff… May Allah Bless Those Pple who made it.

  5. mardy

    azhar: yup way cool rite! eh this is the first time u comment on my blog after so long of being an anonymous reader! lol =p

    fizo: hello FIZO!! welcum to my humble abode. hopped to ur blog to see that ure still Stong-ing! hehehehe omg me too lah. 1 week already seh. Oh btw let’s go bowling together! :D

  6. Alhamdulillah… didnt noe its still der.. n not sure if its still der now…

    The other time, the Mission Qiblat Team brought along with them about 6 qiblats to be planted all around the route from the foot of mount till near the summit area.. But i heard banyak yg either tumbang due to nature.. or di cabut due to P.H.D.

    Nevertheless.. We didnt knew it was worth the effort..

    THanks Mard for sharing…

  7. mardy

    MasyaAllah you all planted SIX?! may Allah bless your efforts!

    its ok, that one and only was the one and only which helped us and a lot of others, i’m sure. :D

    this reminds me of the movie Lake House, but in this case it’s kiblat signboard instead of letterbox. cool man~

  8. HAHAH! YES YES YES lets go bowling orrr ice skating!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  9. ruqayyah

    =) =) (if u haven figure this out this means *smile smile at mardy* xD)
    insyaAllah see you this friday alriteee~~~ (hopefully my patients will finish by then. if not straight aft 8 i will rush there with my hands smell of glove and all hehe. its been like that for the past few days but so far ameera didnt say anything like, ‘whats that rubbery smell’…
    ^^ ^^

  10. mardy

    fizo: let’s let’s ALL GO!!

    ruqayyah: today u super fast! hehe ok insyaAllah :)

    …& of course i won’t mention anything coz i’ll be from work aaaanyway so pape diam-diam je. =P

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