Conversation with Makcik Nur’s Kitchen

Almost every morning I buy breakfast from Nur’s Kitchen, the Malay-Muslim food stall at my building’s Kopitiam. And I always stumble into the tauke of the stall, Makcik Nur and we like to greet each other and chat for a while.

Like yesterday she commented that I look like the RTM 1’s Fitrah Kasih’s host – apparently she suddenly remembered me when she saw her face (which was nice because who am I to her? just a regular customer of her stall)

And today she bukak criter lain pulak…

Makcik Nur: Tau tak, dulu-dulu time cik kecik-kecik, cik slalu main masak-masak, berangan jadi tauke ade kedai sendiri…

Me: Waaa… Sekarang dah jadi tauke pun!

Makcik Nur: Tu lah, alhamdulillah, tapi actually cik dulu biase keje…

Me: Abih camne bleh jadi tauke, ade kedai sendiri pulak?

Makcik Nur: Oh sebab dulu cik kene retrenched, jadi cik pun start fikir nak bukak kedai. Suami cik cakap, “takpayahla, nanti orang beli makan satu kali je tanak datang lagi..” (tak baik seh suami cam tu, debik baru tau) tapi cik tak peduli. Cik pun bukak kedai kat factory, mula2 tu memang la nervous… Skali ramai yang start beli makanan dari makcik! Jadi start jadi confidence.. So skrg this is nothing… (coz she has to wake up at 4 am every morning to prepare everything)

Me: Waaa! Bagus2… ceh, nothing sey *include “cool” hand gesture*

Makcik Nur: Hahaha… tu lah, nothing… *mimics my “cool” hand gesture*

Me: Jadi ni dream come true lah.. At last dapat jadi tauke jugak :)

Then she smiled, beaming widely, proud of her accomplishment. What can we learn from this?

1. That her retrenchment was a blessing in disguise

2. Choices: Ultimately it’s up to you how u react and what u decide to do after being hit by a musibah. U can choose to mope around and do nothing or u can choose to turn ur life around to something more worthwhile.

3. Ignore negative criticisms and comments from other people. Take it in stride but listen to yourself first and be confident of ur decision.

4. Pursue ur dream! It’s never too late to do it.. Just remember Makcik Nur from the Kopitiam. :D


6 responses to “Conversation with Makcik Nur’s Kitchen

  1. mdhilwan

    Owh and also that rizk terletak dalam tangan tuhan ^_^ And one of Allah’s beautiful 99 names is Ar-Razzaq, The Sustainer. Kalao rizk kiter takde kat sini, bole carik kat tempat lain. InshaAllah ade ^_^

  2. Betul betul betul *Upin & Ipin style* InsyaAllah. :)

    for the uninitiated, click on my name to watch Upin Ipin in action! they are so cute!

  3. ruqayyah

    omg u have a NyehNyeh in your ‘category cloud’ lol

  4. simplymardy

    hahaha nyehnyeh seems like the right term for complaining to myself (at my blog haha) lol~ and u r finally nyehnyeh-ing again remember? from poems only to full-time nyehnyeh hehehe =p

  5. ruqayyah

    omg i am NOT a full time nyeh-nyeh errrr *defensive* lol

  6. simplymardy

    it’s ok, there is no need to deny the obvious.. =p

    this can go on forever so to end this i hereby declare that i am also a nyeh-nyeh errrr ok, happy? :D

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