Interest vs. Passion

During a conversation with a friend last week, the topic of past bad choices had managed to stumble into the picture.

What was ur CCA in sec school then?

Red Cross. That was a bad choice. Haha. U?

NPCC. Bad choice for me either. Joined because my brother was in it.

Somewhere else in the conversation..

How come not continuing in the same line? (As the course he took in poly)

*Sigh.* It’s not my thing la..

As in u chose it because u had an interest but discovered u had no passion for it?

Yeah.. Something like that.

Me too. What is with us and bad choices huh? U learn a lot from bad choices tho.

True. But u gotta realise there’s a certain extent to it. U can’t force yourself to do something you don’t love.

Very true indeed. I just wonder how many of us actually do what we say and follow our passions completely. Suddenly when weighing the options available, and there are so many, with the heart being the number 1 option, other factors come into the picture. Society, expectations, parents & lifestyle. It is so easy to just say “follow your heart” but how many of us end up following our head instead?

Logic & rational thinking, in the expectation to be “responsible” & “doing the right thing”, becomes a better option although deep inside one might not be happy with it. Sure, you can argue & say that anyone can be happy anywhere – that I agree too – but tell me, what is life without passion?

I think I wrote something like this in my previous blog but this time around it’s a different set of circumstances. 

Explore. Dream. Discover.Mark Twain


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