Blogs around the world

Besides reading friend’s blogs, these blogs from all over the world also make it to my daily reads.

Karen Cheng lives in Australia with her husband & 2 sons. She blogs about her kids & life in general, being a SAHM – she is such a cool young momma! She used to work as a graphic designer at an advertising firm in Singapore back when she was younger. I love how her entries are full of optimism & love.

Tricia Royal resides in San Franciso with her hubby and is the founder of Wardrobe Remix. She blogs about fashion & style. I love that she doesn’t follow the crowd & has her own unique, stylish fashion sense. And she loves to sew! And knit too! She studied Fashion Design in Parsons & is currently pregnant with a baby girl.

Kuky Ideas is a blog about Kuky, who lives in California with her high school sweetheart husband & her adorable daughter, Isabelle. I love that she doodles a lot instead of just writing out her entries. Oh, and she sews too.

Making it Lovely is blogged by Nicole Balch, owner of Pink Loves Brown, an online stationaries & gifts store. She is currently residing in Illinois with her husband & blogs about decorating her house lovely.

Modite, which stands for modern urbanite, is blogged by Rebecca Thorman. She is a 24-yr old individual staying at Wisconsin, US, who is working as an Executive Director of a youth-oriented organisation. Being a Gen Y herself, she blogs about Gen Y’s career predicaments & advices. Being a Gen Y myself, I can relate to what she’s writing about.

So there. They inspire me & make me wanna travel & explore every part of the world! :) 


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