New mp3 buddy

I love my new ONTO headphones.

I got the one in GREEN coz the white was not available in store. Beats the struggle to sneak my earphones into my ears everytime since they’re dutifully tucked by my jilbab. I just need to pop ’em up on my head n go. Then when I stepped in the MRT wearing them people tend to stare (and apparently they made no effort to turn & look away). Well well well, hot pink tudung & green headphones make an absolutely stunning combination, no? :D

At least it makes it easier for you to spot me from a mile away!

I agree with this product review from

 An innovative wire rod headband that is thin but sturdy, light and stylish.

The headband is adjustable by simply pulling down or pushing up. When in the home position (fully pushed up), the earcups can be swiveled to fold flat for easier storage.

Although the earcups are made of plastic, it is sturdy and with a stylish glossy finish. A trendy range, comes in chic colors, and the different earpad and earcup color combo is refreshing.

Its a pity no storage pouch is provided. The headband is sturdy under normal use, but without proper storing, it is a matter of time before you bend (and destroy) it in your knapsack.

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Now the last part has got me thinking of the upcoming Stong trip. Might have to think of making a durable storage pouch or else, amongst other camp knick knacks, it will definitely be destroyed in my knapsack. :S


6 responses to “New mp3 buddy

  1. Ratz

    I wonder if there are such cool inventiones for mobile phones. Hate getting struggling with earpiece when i drive too~ and bluetooth? hmm.. dun think so~ hehe~ KEWL new look with the new headphone Mardhiah!

  2. mardy

    why thank u very much Ratz! hmm u suggest to them la to create one like that. mane tau jadi.. then can get royalties! ;)

  3. boo

    and i tot i was the only one struggle with earpieces. i lurve my SJ3 ( in white. heh.

    yeah, i agree they should have the same for handphones. i’m relying alot of my hp alot lately..

  4. boo

    i almost bought the same as yours back then. but i realise for a rugged girl like me, i dun think that kind headphone can last long with me. it looks.. fragile. heh.

  5. mardy

    hahahha boo same here. its reaaaaaaaly fragile. im afraid it might break any moment seh. esp since im so asal boleh letak je. gosh. i was actually looking for this pair of iLuv headphones that Hairani has but couldn’t find it. so i just got this one instead. let’s pray it at least gets thru Stong la eh. =D

  6. mardy

    so far its solid la. hmm. good sound tho. heh.

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