Colourful Weekend

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits on Saturday.

Alumnis who came: Remy, Ishak, Hilwan, Firman, Wanis, Ct & me

The others; Sisters – Rasyidah, Fatimah, Erni, Sakinah, Ain & Hidayah. Huda, Nazirah & Anisa left early. Brothers – Sufi, Azhar, Firdaus, Hidayat, Syaheer, Azmi, and a brother in black. ( I’m so sorry, I forgot ur name la brader. Please correct me ok people. Thankius! )

Kecoh-ism + rounders + lots of food + screaming + running + random facts + people accidentally hitting other people’s heads with soccer ball + lots & lots of fun!

This blog entry written by sis Sakinah —> More of such events would be good! This gathering has brought all of us together; create bonds among all of us. It was great meeting the alumni, especially, also to get to know more members in NYPMS, especially the new ones. The alumni were very sporting! POWER ALUMNI! Haha. ok ok.

I like the last line. Hahaha. :D

More photos here

Then there was one alumni who couldn’t come because…

He got married the next day!

The handsome & the beautiful. Wah so excited to see Sufi get married! To his long-term sweetheart some more. Wish you all the best & Selamat Pengantin Baru. =)

[ insert awaiting group photo here ]

I like how the food was served, it was a buffet style but look at the plate;

 Anyways, let’s wrap up with this photo

Have a good morning everyone! :)


8 responses to “Colourful Weekend

  1. boo

    i’m still imagining the plate in front of me. lol!

  2. mardy

    yahla, simple & stylo. =) btw gambar ade amik kan? please please send thankqverymuch!

  3. Huda Lee all had a group photo! So sad I am not inside. Lol! But I bet you guys could still feel my presence =p

  4. mardhiah

    yes yes we felt Pei Chen’s presence indeed. what with rounders and all… :p

  5. mdhilwan

    i would have to agree with mard that Pei Chen’s presence was felt indeed

  6. simplymardy

    oops sorry Huda. it’s just that we’re all awed coz Pei Chen & Huda sounds completely different! what does it mean anyway?

    u see here at my blog also ur presence is felt! ;)

  7. alfaqeer

    i love looking at people praying! love that pic of the guys praying in the field! =D

  8. simplymardy

    same here. u got a big big open field to pray so no excuses =)

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