Warrior Queens & Princesses

had a Narnia date with brother

The movie was awesome! The kids have grown up & are back with more attitude & personality, absolutely gorgeous Prince Caspian comes into the picture, & lots of fighting ala Lord of The Rings.

Besides the majestic sountrack, one thing I love about fantasy & epic films is the female costumes. Those long gowns, long-sleeved, lots of layers and they always look super comfortable. The best thing is that the costume is enjoined with long pants in the inner layer (you can’t see it here but I noticed so in the movie) so the characters seem to be able to jump around & hike around in the jungle wearing them.

From left; Susan’s fighting outfit, Galadriel from LOTR, Eowyn’s fighting outfit, casual, evening gown & Stardust’s Yvaine in her long silver gown.

And let’s not forget the colourful outfits worn by feisty Princess Fiona & her gang of (really petty) princesses.

Can steal ideas for jubah ;)

Btw, if you’d like to watch Narnia: Prince Caspian, you might want to read about the characters first. :)


3 responses to “Warrior Queens & Princesses

  1. ruqayyah

    the dresses really arre pretty hehe. and such a good movie! tak rugi duet tiket :D

  2. mardy

    yup2! lagi2 i had to blanja my bro since he was the one who treated me the last time i watch movie with him.

    i wish, ok ok i want to know how to make those dresses! nanti bleh buatkan korang skali nak kite jadi cam princess fiona & the other princesses.

    ok i think i sound so lame but whatever lah! gurls rule! *it’s monday, monday blues babe*

  3. boo

    u can just drool over the dresses right?… *sighs*

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