10 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged by dear sis Rufihaza. Before I get any more busier & forget all about it, here it goes!

10 Random Things About Me… [ that I am okay with the world knowing. ]

The Rules

  • Post 10 random things about yourself
  • Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
  • Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
  • You can’t tag the person who tagged you (you’ll have to make new friends)
  • As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted so they can have the sheer delight and extra work load of reading your answers)

1. When I was in Sec 3, I sent a Hari Raya card to this guy I had a huge crush on. He was my senior & I thought he looked very handsome in his NCC uniform. The funny thing is that I actually searched for his address all the way in Yellow Pages online website! Wahlau. Like stalker seh. The thing is, I have NEVER talked to him, even up till now. I know it’s old news but *Segan beb* – dah la cari address, hantar kad raya macam dah kenal lama pulak tu.. “banyak buat kuih tahun ni?”  Eeeee zaman kental & slenge! Those were the days when u still send Hari Raya cards.

2. I have an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Indian blood. My grandma is of Chinese-Indian parentage who was adopted by a Malay family.

3. I was very anti-social back in sec 1. I would rather indulge myself in a book than mix with the rest of my classmates. Heh. Lucky by sec 2 I grew out of it and started to mix around.

4. Like Rufi, I’m also an introvert extrovert (or vice versa). I love the company of friends and meeting new people, but I also love spending time alone.

5. When it comes to housework, I am either extremely hardworking… or extremely lazy. When I’m in my hardworking mode, I become like Bree from Desperate Housewives so much so that I scare myself. Everything has to be spick & span, at a certain way, at a certain place. Unsurprisingly, my brother has the exact same trait as me. My sister, on the other hand…

6. I am not very careful when it comes to my handphones. Up to date, I have dropped my handphone for so many times I’ve lost count. My previous phone even suffered from cuts & bruises after being severely damaged due to falling off very often & had to be replaced with a new one, my current hp. Which is why I don’t look for the ones with sleek & sophisticated designs, instead I look for the practical & “durable” ones.

7. I used to absolutely HATE green tea! The first time I tasted it was during Hari Raya and I really hated the minyak atar smell IN A DRINK. But ever since I tasted Jasmine green tea, I loved it. Hah. Seriously. I have no idea why the taste change. But pssst: green tea is high in anti-oxidants, it’s healthier & less sweet!

8. Talking about scars & bruises… I have enough to make a journal out of them. Pri 5’s 1.6 km run, fell down & grazed my knee, cried, in Pri 6 THE SAME THING HAPPENED. (Too small la until people cannot see main langgar only..) Sec 1, while going to Red Cross training to school, my right leg fell into a small longkang & grazed my thigh badly (read: bloody). But I still went to school where my RC teacher applied ointment on me & resumed training – footdrill pulak tu! Under the sun with my bandaged leg! Semangat mamat seh.

9. I have a high metabolic rate. Whenever people ask me why I’m so skinny, never eat isit? I like to reply, I eat a lot… but I also poo-poo a lot… lol =P

10. I drink hot MILO every night before going to bed. this one is very important. I must taste the warm, chocolate, milky drink first before I doze off comfortably to kabu-kabu land.

Ok now I shall tag 5 people;

  •  Amy. Sis Amy is an excellent female designer and she’s funny! I love to read her kampung stories & love how she designed the newspaper article for our lost trip to macritchie. Hehe.
  • Ain Farah. I can never be bored having Ain around & she never fails to crack me up! When we were in sec school we even went to the same tuition places. I wonder what else she might be hiding from me all these years coz she always keeps unexpected stuff under her sleeve. Hahahaaaaa.
  • Huda Lee. I first “met” her online – I left a comment at her blog – I think that time it was a post about Nypms. Then I finally met her during Nypmsn Amazing Race and now we’re going off to Stong together! =) 
  • Maryam A.R. She was my junior in sec sch – she even joined Red Cross for a short while – but we never really talked (chatted, clicked) until we were both in poly! Tu pun different poly. As cliche as it sounds, this is what u call fate ;)
  • Ameera Al-faqeer. Now this is a sister I “met” online but have never met before. Actually thru Ruqayyah’s blog I kpo-kpo then when I went to her blog I loved reading her entries! I commented on one of my fave posts & tada! Online friends. Hopefully offline too insyaAllah :)

Ok dahbis! I thought I couldn’t come up with enough random stuff but I did. Try 100 next time. Taa!


6 responses to “10 Random Things About Me

  1. alfaqeer

    yes yes, insyaAllah one day we’ll meet too! :) I wanna go Stongggggg. Haha. Kaypoh..

  2. ruqayyah

    oii dah drink milo must rinse ur mouth or better brush ur teeth before sleeping oh kay! bile gi stong? sms tau sebelum gi =)

  3. simplymardy

    ye kakak dentist, Dr. Ruqayyah Ramli ;)

    gi Stong 19-22 june. wokays.

  4. amy

    wah…i’m the first u tot of to be tagged! I’m sooo touched..ke ke ke…k will post my random stuff bout myself..hehe..rajin2 lah visit my blog ye..hehe

  5. mardy

    of cozzz dear ;)

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