Pumpfest ’08

This year’s Pumpfest was held at Kallang Leisure Park & I decided to take part to see how much I’ve improved on my climbing skills.

Novice Women 048. Peace! Happy with #2 actually, but more on that later. That can is actually Red Bull drink. Climbing comps always have pretty fair-skinned Chinese ladies promoting & giving away free Red Bull drinks to competitors.

Only 3 walls for Novice this year, and each person is given only 3 mins for each wall, compared to the usual 4 mins. I did better this year – 2 bonuses (for wall 2 & wall 3). The thing is, both bonuses were on 1st attempts and in both cases, i fell after getting the bonus tile with 2 hands! If not can flash already! Bah. My 2nd & 3rd attempts to the top were unsuccessful. By that time my hands were already lenguh. Not enough arm strength la. Must train harder.

Oh yaaa! U know what happened at the 2nd wall? I reached my bonus tile at my first attempt right? So after my time ended, I checked my scoresheet. Bonus = 0. Huh? How can that be? So I asked the route judge how come no bonus when by right I had gotten it. People climb so hard… skali no bonus… Sad okay. Then he said he didn’t know because he took over from his friend at my 2nd attempt, by which I didn’t manage to get bonus. (U mean that friend didn’t even bother to record my bonus in say, in a hurry to release his full bladder???!) He asked his friends. All said don’t know – coz they were judging other climbers. *Mardhiah starts to panic & started to convince the guy that yesss! I did get it!*

So he said he will check with his friend about it. And in a bit of anger & desperation I guess, I said, “Must check okay!” Heh. Not being fierce la, but simply defending what’s mine. Then a few minutes after that, after my turn finished & I was watching others climb, that guy came up to me and said, “Hi, yup yup u got that bonus tile.” *Mardhiah thanks him & gives him a big wide smile* PHEW!

I can just imagine the conversation with his friend. “Eh, u know that girl, NW048, the one u were judging before u left, she get bonus tile or not?”

Friend – Route judge #1: Huh? Which one?

Route judge #2: The one with the black scarf one…

Friend: Ohhhhhh that one! *thinks hard before, I assume, his toilet trip* Ya she got bonus tile on the 2nd wall.

Wakakakakka! K whatever mard. Not the ciobu one, or the good body one.. but the only one with the scarf mah… How can forget one? ;)

Hawanis came! =) Initially she was supposed to be working today so she didn’t join. But last minute, her manager let her claim a day off due to overtime working hours from another day. So she chose today to support me & take pictures! Sweet :) After that we went off to Bugis & met Kak Ju, (Kak Ju is 27 but she is petite like me, so cute, oh, & she’s getting married in October!) & went to An-Nisaa Muslimah Hair Salon a few shops beside Indulgence Patisserie where Wanis got her haircut.

*So you see, the peace sign also shows #2 – 2 bonus tiles! Hua hua hua…*

One of the good things that come with a comp is tha GOODIE BAG! Vouchers, mags, drinks…

Saw Jasmine, Lan, Tess & Kamaliana, who were also competing. Been a while since I saw them so it was really nice this once in a blue moon reunions. The thing about climbing & comps is that you tend to see the same people… The circle gets even smaller when you find out someone is a friend of someone who is a friend of someone who is the cousin of… Ok you get the gist.

Anyways tada! My overall position is 39th out of 72. Woohooo! Not bad, not bad… Could’ve done better of course, but so glad to get out of the 50s… :D

Ok now I need a massage. Badly. :S



4 responses to “Pumpfest ’08

  1. haidar

    ahhh the goodie bag so nice!

    i miss climbing comps! ahhhhhh!

    anyways well done!

  2. mardy

    thanks haidar! i think the goodie bag is the nicest so far out of other comps. join la join la while u still can & got the time! :D

  3. alfaqeer

    wowwww congratulations! sorry la lambat. baru balik melaka. but so cool man! you must be really strong! :)

    tak padan kecik awak eh. hehehe.

  4. mardhiah

    thank you :) alhamdulillah. but not strong enough yet hehe. kecik-kecik cili padi ;)

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