5 to 10

Status update:

Tada! From #5 down to #10. I wanted to post this update today coz tmr confirm gone already! Out from the list! But anyways, at least I was in the weekly ranking hehe and the only one in it with a hijab. (Wakakaka abih bangga eh, oops) Nobody mentioned about my hijab yey ;)

*Sorry people this is just me tooting my own horn* heheheeeee. (Actually macam pretty silly to be ranked according to what you wear but this one for fun only.. Silly things that actually make me happy.)

Ok dah bye!


2 responses to “5 to 10

  1. boo

    psst.. you’ve been tagged. =P

  2. mardy

    oh man… haha. kk weekends then do k. ;)

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