Why I love Sewing

Since my Style & Sewing posts seem to spur an interest for sewing among a lot (yey! got kakis!) with many many comments (woohoo!), I present you… jeng jeng jeng…


Top 5 reasons why I love to sew; 


  1. I get to create my own masterpieces. I know when I go out, nobody else has the exact same thing as me.
  2. I can’t find my right size of clothing. Due to my oh-so-special size of not an adult, yet not a kid size, I usually have difficulties finding the “right” size clothing. U know, the one that fits you perfectly. Especially baju kurung time raya – very, very difficult… Let’s say I want to buy this piece of jubah with very pretty trimmings on the fabric but it’s too long. I cannot possibly cut that part of fabric away according to my height because by altering the length then I will be cutting off the trimmings too! So sayang right?
  3. You can make so many different creations with the one piece of fabric – a dress, a purse, a bag… It’s up to your own creative, unique, weird mind. 
  4. I love various colours & textures. I am filled with ecstasy (ecstaSy not ecstaCy the drug that gets u high & by) when u put me in Spotlight or the array of shops at Arab Street or Joo Chiat just fabric shopping. When I shop for fabric, I don’t necessarily buy. I like to imagine what I can do with the fabric & that alone can make me excited.
  5. Sewing is an excellent stress reliever for me. As a hobby of course. It lets me take my mind off other things and focus completely on the garment/ project I’m making at the very moment. Which is why I don’t take personalised orders for clothes – baju kurung esp, because when u sew for other people for money, according to their wants ie. as a tailor/seamstress, it becomes work. And customers can be very demanding. Later wrong size la, cannot fit la, too tight/ too loose… I become stress. I don’t mind making garments according to standard sizes & selling them, but maybe not on a customization basis. I can, however, gladly recommend you to my aunt , who is excellent at sewing. Actually she’s the one responsible for my sewing obsession. 

Now you, yes YOU, tell me why y’all want to learn how to sew. And also what is it that you would like to learn. Think about it thoroughly & spam my comments box ok?


Why? Coz teacher must prepare syllabus according to student’s interest mah… :D


14 responses to “Why I love Sewing

  1. boo

    tchr tchr…

    definitely because of no. 2.

    i know i know, my size seems commonplace. but serious, i like long tunic and loose-flowing, but the hands are either too long, too big, then kena pakai sarung tangan. i dun like sarung tangan that much, cos it gives the after-itch effect. so yeah, a long tunic, with the right length and size of sleeve is very important to me. ALSO, those kurta yang ader slit kat tepi, kadang2 tinggi sangat arh. angkat tangan jer nampak dalam. =P

    tapi, nak jugak explore my creativity, what these hands can do when given something as such. i love knitting though. used to knit, but stop cos no time. my mum knits alot, buat sweater for my adik sedara SOOOOOOOO cute! but knitting’s not included kan? =P hehe!

    i have a sewing machine at home. but it’s under-utilised. so yup2, nak jugak “minyakkan” that dusty sewty machine. lol!

    uiks!!! u’re making me alllllllll excited girl!

    what do i want to learn?! ANYTHING you can throw me with. heh. seriously. =)

  2. mardy

    oh yea i understand the kurta part, had to adjust the slit also, kalau tak, sexy! *woot*

    u know how to knit? wah! then u can teach me! can include knitting but taught by u – can collaborate like that. omg now ure the one making me excited! hahahaha.

  3. boo

    psst sis, that was 5 years ago. start poly terus tolak ke tepi. lol! so, wait 1 year then you can slot in that portion into your syllabus.. =P hahaha!

  4. alfaqeer

    I want to sew because:

    -clothes that I like outside are either too pricey (I somehow have super expensive taste) which I cannot afford or
    -I always see kain kain that are soooo lawa but its too expensive to ask a tailor to do it for me.
    -I’ve always wanted to learn to make my own clothes but mummy is too busy to teach me & I’m too busy to look for classes outside.
    -I want to be proper housewife that can cook and clean and SEW. I have not fulfilled that. Hahahaha.

    So yes, teacher, please teach me how to sew!! :D

  5. because i want to, not because i need to, and not because i have to. its because i want to sew apparels for all the beautiful people in my life. to see them donning or wearing it brings a smile to my face. and i hope that they can feel my TLC that comes along with it. (:

    and just like alfaqeer, i want to be a good housewife, insyaAllah who can sew. maybe, even be one like the stepford houswife? except, with more wit and more life. haha. not barbie, please.

    but i just dont have the time to do it, boo! where do you buy all the affordable fabrics from? err, besides arab street and geylang that is. im not sure if its just me but i think singapore lacks of outstanding or pretty yet simple cloths, while some are a tad common. i went to bandung, and trust me, if i have all the money in the world, i`d buy them all and sew and sew and sew until cannot sew already. hurhur.

  6. =)

    sometimes i get my fabrics from Dubai, pesan from my cousin who’s a stewardess. whenever she got flying trips there my family will never fail to pesan fabric. it’s cheaper there & so many varieties! everytime she come back we always rambang mata like that duno which one to choose! usually we’ll inform her what color we want, what type of fabric, what pattern etc & she’ll try to find it for us. she even has her baju rayas made there by the shop tailor! & her baju always end up to be so, soooo beautiful.

    geylang u can find cheap fabrics but not many variety lah, then the more ex ones not very nice. tak berkenan arab street there’s this one shop which sells really quirky fabrics at affordable prices, i love! but u have to take ur time & look through coz then u can find the hidden gems. Spotlight also got more variety, but tu lah die, they tend to lean on the more pricey side.

    bila nak gi Bandung lagi? nak ikut! :D

  7. amy

    i want to learn how to sew because…i’m sooo into project runway..Hahah..perasan jadi fashion designer jap. :P ouh actually it’s part of my hobby too. And of cos, nak beli baju yang sama kat luar, terpaksa fikir 2 kali..and yepps me too *high-5*, i’m looooveeee to look at the fabrics, especially with prints or texture. *winks*

    So teach me teacher. I want to learn how to sew. :) Wanna make my own clothes too.

  8. simplymardy

    oh i love Project Runway! the only down thing is that most of the very handsome designer guys (like Danial Vosovic) are gay. ecks. want to drool also cannot. hehe. *_-

  9. Huda Lee

    The same goes for me for no. 1. I want to create something that is uniquely me and I don’t want to look the same as everyone else. Plus, I need to empty my brain space filled with creative designs for clothes but can’t put it down on fabrics and needles.

    In fact, one of my course choice during Olevels was fashion design but in singapore context, not possible lah. Too competitive, the industry.

    Oh ya! I am also crazy crazy crazy fanatically in love with project runway. I love how it all turns out at the end and the whole process of designing and sewing!

    And one more thing, i think sewing is a good life skill when you get out of job or is too old to work long hours. Lol!

    So cher, teach me:p

  10. mardy

    yup2 the last point is very true indeed. okay thanks for ur comments ladies, i will think of how to conduct the lessons amidst everyone’s busy schedules. till then, stay tuned! :)

  11. Nur Hafizah H

    eh im not too late kan? hee* benci ah bynk keje ..tk dpt bloghoppedhopped …eheh! *hides*

    i like sewing cos i like to perasan princess fiona (when she’s the ogre-type la huahuahua!) and i like it when i stand infront of the mirror knowing that i accomplished a task harder than that 10km marathon. then all the best details usally cannot be seen (cos covered by tudung mah), but i will still be happy standing infront of tt mirror anyway. i dun mind buying clothes yang semuer orang ader ….but …sometimes when i wear what i sew, i get those stares which makes me *blush erks what?!* i just hope they look at my kain, and not my jahitan …cos my jahitan can be very i-dun-care-benang-color-match-or-what-laaaaaaaaa!! *hihi*

    exact matching of benang color and kain color makes me go crazy la at times. so i chin chye one. *sshhh*


  12. haha yeah about the staring part, it’s either they’re awed by it, or they think it’s so terrible out-of-this-world-why-are-we-even-wearing-it? i very malas also. will just use any benang that match. leceh la nak tukar-tukar benang everytime. anyway there is a saying that goes, “Perfection is Boring” hua hua hua! so that imperfection makes it uniquely urs ;)

  13. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cacciatore.

  14. mardy

    Hi Cacciatore. Hey thanks for visiting :)

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