It is such a nice, beautiful feeling to be blessed with friends who can make u grin widely from ear to ear & laugh till u LOL & ROTFLOL (ok not so loud for muslimahs), and yet make u all teary-eyed & cry when u reflect upon yourself & think about Him.

That feeling is just indescribable. Alhamdulillah. :)


2 responses to “=)

  1. boo

    ahaaaaaaaaa… a bad habit of mine. i can’t control my laughter. nowdays, i just COVER my mouth like literally cover it VERY TIGHT because ketawa kuat sangat arh. hehe!! opss…

    i’m happy to hear you have great friends as such. =) hamdan lillah. =)

  2. mardy

    hahahahahahahha! hish if im surrounded by girls and ppl who dun care if i laugh too loud anot, i tend to still LOL-VL! (VL – Very Loud)

    of course ard the opp gender macam lebih sopan pulak. hehehehehhe

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