My Favorite Spring Dress Photo Contest

Testing, testing…

Vote On My Photo!Sporty Feminine
by misspetites

Please vote for me yes? Thank you, love you! :D

(Please see “Sporty Feminine” instead of “The Perfect Pink Dress” – it’s the same pic with diff description; I tried deleting but it’s still there.)

P.S: No I didn’t make that dress. It was from This Fashion. Just in case you’re wondering ;)


5 responses to “My Favorite Spring Dress Photo Contest

  1. pretty! remind me of dy. great minds think alike? lol. (:

  2. alfaqeer

    love the shoes!

  3. thanks thanks tifa! or rather, petite minds think alike. But actually, dy is more GLAM. i’m on the laidback side. dy would wear pink satin shoes with that outfit instead of converse chucks & brooch with lots of shiny batu-batu instead of my black flower – now wait, actually the brooch part reminds me of u! hehehe. :)

    alfaqeer: thanks thanks ameera! actually those shoes are very old & beaten up already – they’ve even gone kayaking with me! but i still love them!

  4. haha. dy would wear just like this to school, with the chucks. thats why. ;) and i voted for you, so no worries. hee.

  5. simplymardy

    aww thanks love. :)

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